Reading Online Popular With UK Teens

    March 27, 2008

Forty-five percent of UK teenagers have been criticized by an adult for enjoying something that is not "proper" reading according to a new survey from the National Year of Reading.

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The survey found that teens are still interested in reading and that four out of ten top teen reads are online. They favor reading everything from film scripts and song lyrics to more traditional literature. Reading song lyrics online took the number 2 spot out of the top ten most popular reads.

Other popular things teens enjoy reading online include computer game cheats (#3), followed by blogs or fan fiction (#4) and the BBC Online (#10).

As for literature that is popular with teens, the Harry Potter Series took the five spot followed by Anne Frank’s Diary.

Honor Fletcher-Wilson, Director of the National Year of Reading said," The explosion of digital media, and how we use it, means that today’s young people are exposed to a wider variety of reading material than any previous generation."

"Despite this, it seems adults are not yet embracing this shift and are not encouraging teens to take advantage of this new landscape."