Read This if You Use the Bing Brand on Your Site

    August 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

Microsoft has released a document (pdf), which outlines the guidelines for use of the Bing brand for things like logo use, search boxes, etc. The topics covered specifically include:

– Bing branding guidelines
– Bing searchbox guidelines
– Bing searchbox guidelines for third party (web)
– Font guidelines for UI
– Visual elements for Bing search UI
– Editorial style
– Approach to UI error messages
– Overview of China Transliterated Logo
– China Transliterated Logo searchbox guidelines for third party (web)

The document gets very specific about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. It includes plenty of visual aid. For example, these are the preferred logos to use:

Bing Preferred Logos

These are the preferred searchboxes:

Bing Preferred Searchboxes

Here is what they prefer for "results by Bing" attributes:

Results by Bing

There is a whole lot more to the guidelines than the above example. If you use Bing to provide your search results, or use the Bing brand on your site in any way, it would probably be wise to take a look at the guidelines (pdf).