Reach Out and Beat Someone To Death

    June 30, 2003

One of the biggest problems I see with on-line marketers right now is that most people never talk to anyone. They sign up for all of these great tools to produce leads, and expect the tools to close the deal for them.

Don’t get me wrong, the tools can and do produce the leads, but at some point someone needs to get on the phone with the prospect and ask them to join.

Yes, there are offers that get sign-ups without anyone ever having to talk to the prospect. These are primarily marketing tools. We use a number ourselves and someone probably earned a commission for us signing up. But these are relatively small purchases. Very few people ever earn a sizable check from these affiliate programs. It is the people which web sites that have huge traffic counts that makes the money off of these.

But, back to the point. You should rely on tools to help find prospects. You should rely on tools to follow up with your prospects and give them more information. But, if you really want to make money off of what you are offering, you should pick up the phone and make a phone call. No tool can sell as well as you can.

Ok.. so you are afraid to call people? What’s the problem? The telephone company’s slogan is “reach out and touch someone”… not “reach out and beat someone to death!” Your prospects will not hurt you. They may hang up on you. They may cuss at you a little and then hang up. Some will politely decline your offer. But, many will accept your offer! Many more than you would believe.

In our electronic world people still prefer dealing with a live person. They want and need the relationship. They are more comfortable doing business with an organization that someone is willing to put their name behind. They like personal service and personal support. They like to know that someone thinks their patronage or participation is important enough for someone to call them. Someone actually involved with the business and not a telephone solicitor.

We use an awful lot of tools to produce leads, but not one or any combination of those tools we use are as valuable as the telephone. If you want to make your business explode, you need to reach out and touch someone.

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