Rayman Fiesta Run Coming To Mobile Devices This Year


One of the most delightful surprises of 2012 was Rayman Jungle Run. It took an established character, threw him into a tired genre and made it fun again with plenty of charm and perfect touch-based gameplay. Now Ubisoft is back it again with another runner starring everybody’s favorite limbless hero.

During its Digital Days event, Ubisoft announced Rayman Fiesta Run for mobile devices. It’s a sequel of sorts to Rayman Jungle Run with the game taking place in the food-based levels of Rayman Origins.

The game does promise to introduce some new gameplay mechanics, including a shrinking Rayman, but it looks to be very similar to last year’s mobile hit. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as Temple Run 2 proved you could make minimal changes to a winning formula and still be loads of fun.

Rayman Fiesta Run will be released on mobile devices later this year.

[Image: ubisoft/YouTube]