Raven Symone Comes Out, Twitter Blows Up

    August 5, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Raven Symone, the former child actress who rose to fame on “The Cosby Show”, tweeted over the weekend her support for gay marriage and said how happy she is to know that when she’s ready to settle down with someone, marriage won’t be an issue for her.

The Disney Channel star took to Twitter in her excitement over gay marriage laws changing around the country, and when the social media site blew up in response, she released a statement.

“I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted,” the statement said. “I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.”

Though several people were already under the impression that Symone was gay, the news came as a shock to many, who took to the social media site to talk about it.

  • Acquanetta Mitchell

    I think that people are entitled to do what they please to. Thank goodness she is not out here killing people, or on drugs or something crazier than just being a lesbian. If we could all pay more attention to bigger issues such a better education for our children, feeding the homeless such as we are all “willy nilly” about this situation, the world would be a much greater place. The media, and people in general need to stop making a big deal about nothing.

  • Tammy Burris

    Good for her! It is a tragedy that she could not do it sooner. I am sure she was worried about her career, and with good reason. But not anymore. So what if she is gay? She is not a pedophile! If we paid as much attention to the Pedophiles, as we do to the gay community……Pedophilia would be wiped out!!!!!!

    • Raygirl

      And why should we judge Pedophiles? Are they also not allowed to love what they love too? Not all Pedophiles like 5 year olds. Some date 13 year olds, but it is consensual. So who is to judge? People say be open minded about one thing but then close your minds about another thing. I have a family member like this. Standards are really backwards in this country.

  • Bridgit Dale

    I think it’s awful…. I looked up to her, i loved how she freaked out over boys, and it gave me hope that someday the right guy would come for me….. but now it just seems like it was all a joke.

    Thanks a lot for false hope Raven! you’re nothin’ but a fake!!!!!!

    • Your an Idiot!

      Bridgit, Your an idiot! she is an actress. Her job was to pretend to be freaking out over boys. That’s called…. ready for it….. ACTING!!!! THANK YOU!

      It was all a joke, she was on a Disney Channel Sitcom. Uhm……… Duh!’

      Don’t worry darling one day you will find your true love. There has to be some guy or girl out there willing to put up with an idiot like you.

      Anyone desperate enough to date Bridge here? Bring your low standards and come on board!

    • Midnight

      Hey, I understand what you mean. People get up in arms when people that are not gay can’t identify with gay people. There are so many things spilling from their culture that makes no sense to me. I hate the words bump used for a baby, breeder used for am man and woman making love and creating a baby and partner instead of husband or wife. I try not to judge but it’s hard because gay people don’t want to be just people they want that title and for people to accept it, respect it and embrace. This is what I say to them. I love you as a person and accept you for what you are though I don’t agree with your lifestyle I do agree you have a right to have the best life possible. God Bless

    • Raven Fan

      Yea bridge ! Dont be so judgemental! Cos ya knw ur gonna go hell now Nuhh lols but seriously dont DISRESPECT MY ROLEMODEL

    • leisha

      You must of had a very sheltered childhood if u think it was ruined. If your parents diddnt teach you about being brave, courageous, honest, being true to yourself and to not listen or think what others say… My guess it was doomed from the start. Live in the real world. Cmon.

      • Raygirl

        Its the Santa Claus syndrome people! That sudden moment when the four year old finds out Santa is not real and just dad in a Santa suit.

        The people who modeled themselves after Raven and related to the fact that she was “BOY CRAZY”, now feel dooped because she wasn’t really feeling that way.

        But in my honest opinion I think this just makes her an even better actress. She was able to fool a whole generation of people into thinking she was straight. She pulled it off so well, when really deep down she did not even like boys. Thats professional acting. What makes me kind of disappointed is that all the good actresses are gay. I do wish there was at least one good straight actress. Not just ones that walk around looking pretty, but an actual straight female that can ACT. Sandra Bullock maybe? All the other ones Ellen Degeneres, Raven Symone, I think Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey…all of them are great actresses, but all of them are gay. You have to be gay to be a good actress I guess. Otherwise you can only be a lover role :(

    • Bailey

      Its really great that you looked up to her and found her as a role model as a kid, but that was a character she played. She wasn’t a fake she was just acting like everyone else on Disney and all the shows.

    • Shaniquequa

      …It was all a joke. It was a sitcom and what’s this talk about some right guy being for you because of the show. It was That’s So Raven not Cinderella. She liked probably a different boy in every episode like most teenage girls. The show wasn’t preaching about love. It was showing the crazy stuff a psychic teenage girl got herself into.

      My God, she’s not a fake. She’s an actress. Even if she was straight, the show would had still not been real and it would still be a joke.

  • http://Google Jayda reed

    Raven is a grown women who makes her own choices im happy for her because she still a role model people actin like they never say a gay person before soooo wat

  • Raven Fan

    Judging people is nasty and has no class . Raven is a great actress and i was suprised ! When she came out but then happy she did. Everyone is entitled with their own perspectives or point of views or opinions . The main thing is she told us , was prepared,nervous a little and didn’t harm anyone in the process. Ohh yeah state of georgia should hav a second season but abc family cancelled it but when she acts in tv roles ir film roles she is enjoyable to watch!!!! In thats so raven and state of georgia!:)….