Rare Orange Lobsters Found Despite 1 In 10 Million Odds

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In recent months, we've seen some rare things occur: the transit of venus, an annular solar eclipse, and not one but two super-rare types of lobsters wash up in fishing nets. I'll admit, the stuff happening in space is a bit more exciting, but for the fishing and seafood communities up north, the lobsters take the prize.

A Mansfield, Massachusetts seafood restaurant--Fresh Catch--recently had as many as five rare orange lobsters sent to them packed in crates. When the manager spied them among their less brightly-hued buddies, he knew he had something special on his hands.

Owner Bill Sarro says the lobsters have been a boon for big business, because after a call from the New England Aquarium, he put them on temporary display at the front of the restaurant rather than in the boiling pot. Because finding one is so rare--at least 1 in 10 million--people are coming from miles away to get a glimpse and a photo. Sarro says the aquarium is in the middle of arranging for the lobsters to be transported to a marine biologist for study, but for now they reside on display at five different restaurant locations in Massachusetts.

"They were filming a movie with Kate Winslet a mile away, but more people came here," said Sarro. "It's great for business."

Amanda Crum
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