Rare Giraffe Born at Connecticut Zoo [VIDEO]

By: Sean Patterson - March 25, 2013

The LEO Zoological Conservation Center (LEOZCC) in Greenwich, Connecticut, has announced the birth of a rare giraffe.

A six-year-old Rothschild giraffe named Petal gave birth to a female calf on Friday, March 22. The center has stated that Petal “has bonded extremely well” with the calf and that the calf was standing and nursing within half an hour of being born.

The Rothschild giraffe, named after Lord Walter Rothschild, is an endangered subspecies of giraffe. The gestation period of the Rothschild giraffe is 14 to 16 months (Petal’s was 15). The LEOZCC claims that there are fewer than 670 of the animals left in the wild.

The LEOZCC is a non-profit refuge for endangered animals. The organization focuses on breeding at-risk species, and has succeeded in the case of the Rothschild giraffe. This birth was the LEOZCC’s first giraffe birth.

The video below shows the calf standing up for the first time:

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  • Mary Popick


    In thinking of a name for the new little precious giraffe one would need to know if it was a female or a male. Since mom’s name is a Petal, what about Rosie? Or if it is a male what about Reese? (it is brown an looks like a Reeeses my daughter said!)

    Good luck

  • bob penler

    looks like the name NICKY sounds good

  • Vickie Crowell

    I think the perfect name would be “Blossom” since her or his mom’s name is Petal!!!

  • Priscilla Joseph

    I love the name Rosebud for Ms.Petal new baby girl.just to see that first stand and walk made me shake.It was so wonderful to see a Mother give her child support that they can do any thing.the calf didn’t feel safe until Mom started licking her WOW !Great Mothers Are Even In The Animal Kingdoms I remember There Will Be No Other Like My Great Mother !!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bill thissell

    such a Beautiful little animal!!! I think of SUNSHINE!!!!!

  • Sue

    I think “Rose” would be a good name for the little giraffe. So she can be rose petal. Thanks, Sue