Raquel Welch: Was She Frozen in Time?

    November 17, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Was Raquel Welch somehow frozen in time? The 73-year-old beauty appeared on Saturday at the 2013 Governors Awards, and her looks rival those of a 40-year-old woman.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder red gown, with a V-neck plunging down to there and a slit that came up almost to it, Welch looked every bit the elegant woman she has been for decades. The body-hugging number didn’t reveal a bump or a bulge. It’s no wonder younger men find her attractive!

One younger man who definitely finds Raquel Welch attractive, but was also quick to point out that the two didn’t hook up per recent rumors, is Nigel Lythgoe of both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance fame. Rumors had the two dating since September and more recently had an impending wedding date set for them to tie that proverbial knot. Not true and not true, however.

Women everywhere want to know how Raquel has managed to stay so beautiful for so many years. She shares some of her beauty tips in the film clip below.

All the beauty tips in the world won’t render the average woman nearly as gorgeous as Raquel Welch. Even Jane Fonda, who is pretty pulled together for 75 years old, can’t hold a candle to Welch.

Some young people might ask exactly what Raquel Welch is famous for, besides looking good. She starred in a 1966 film called One Million Years B.C., in which she wore a tiny fur bikini that instantly catapulted her into stardom. She starred in a handful of films over the next few years and in 2013 became a spokesperson for Foster Grant sunglasses. And there you have it!

Despite the small roles she played, Raquel Welch still makes a big splash when she enters a room–just the way she did Saturday evening in Hollywood at the 2013 Governors Awards. And she will no doubt continue doing exactly that for a good many years to come.

Image via Wikimedia

  • Robbins Mitchell

    She can sit on my face any time

    • stephenf

      Probably not. I hear she prefers people who don’t talk like vulgar, classless idiots.

      • Robbins Mitchell

        Actually she prefers men who are willing to use their full real names when they post comments….not little cowards who don’t

        • Robbins Mitchell is a boob

          Actually, she prefers men who aren’t complete and total morons who think that posting their name on the internet requires bravery.

        • http:midnightbookworm.net Vin Smith

          …Well, I’m using my real name. You are right, stephenf and everyone else who hides behind no name status is correct. They are cowards. However, stephenf is also right. You are a classless, vulgar idiot. But you can change. I hope you do.

    • john sonderberg

      She is cordially invited to partake of my skills in the art of oral erotic gratification of the genus known as “adult, consenting female human”.

      I do hope my entreaty is without vulgarity or classlessness.

    • brutony

      Get in line, dude!

    • bob

      Me first!

  • Michael Collins, Esq.

    Raquel Welch Stared or appeared in 39 films spanning 36 years. Myra Breckenridge, Mother, Jugs & Speed, Bandelero, 3 & 4 Musketeers and many more. I would also point out she appeared in many overseas USO shows from Germany to Vietnam. Unlike Hanoi Jane, the troops have never forgotten Raquel, she didn’t forget us.

    • bob

      In addition to being smokin’ hot-she is a Great American!

  • MikeS

    Almost ashamed to admit this, but Raquel Welch is older than my mom by several years, but she is still very attractive.

    • brutony

      Who Raquel, or your mom?

  • Bob S

    A timeless, classical, beautiful woman.

    • http://yahoo DAVID PINON

      Her and Sofia Loren are just magnificent women who are like a fine wine. They only get better with age. Kudos ladies!

  • John Lee

    I was 18 when 5 million b.c. debuted. I saw it at a drive-in theater and was smitten by her then and still am!! She is one gorgeous woman.

  • gary

    Those huge mounds and those little nipples

  • http://yahoo Jim

    I remember when she and Bob Hope came out to our aircraft carrier for a USO Christmas show. Never will forget that blue and white Mini-dress she had on. What a bombshell!

  • Zzzztt

    She still looks incredible and far classier than most younger celebrities.

  • http://yahoo.com Darvenne

    Her beauty comes from that delectable mix of Many cultures ,she came to the country very early and no doubt she has stayed always balanced and no apparent bad vices .Almost like Sophia Loren some are just blessed !She was ravishing in the 60’s though her beauty ensued after she was 40.

  • george

    She remains one of the best ICONS of beauty and men’s lusting desire, even at her age! She’s in the same class as Marilyn Monroe without the baggage… oh, and she’s alive (thank goodness).

  • shotzie

    If you check her past..she had every plastic surgery you can have on your body I believe when she was in her 30’s an probably still does. not saying she isn’t pretty, but really never made it big in movies for a headliner..Always the sex symbol not a class lady..I always love to see these woman without their makeup on That is the secret!!!

    • brutony

      Jealous much?

  • Jim

    Wow. Time has been kind to her. Always a classy, beautiful woman.

  • othrdug

    dentures, wig, silicon, botox, tucks— noone left in there.

  • http://facebook Kent Balmer

    This proves my point. Actresses from back when I was in school, like Raquel, Barbara Carrera, Julie Newmar, Barbara Eden, Barbara Luna, Ursula Andress, etc were a whole lot more beautiful than today’s stars.

  • Don

    Raquel has alway been a lady, ever since the BC movie I have admired her and I think she is the icon of female class and beauty.

  • Rodrigo

    BY FAR …….. Raquel Welch is responsible for GALLONS of semen yanked out of my own body personally. Probably more than any woman ever photgraphed. I can’t think of anyone who is even a close second. I was born in 1960, That makes me 53 right now and I just dumped another load into the kleenex lookin at these photos of her at 73. Thanks Raquel!!! Many gallons left to spill !!! Keep on posing !!!

  • Matt

    Raquel Welsh just sets an impossible standard !

  • Danny

    If this message reaches Raquel I’d love a picture(add it to my photo album) and drool over it. You are an age of beauty. If you an Anne-Margaret stood side by side, it’s a draw. You both win. Keep up the good work and looks.

  • http://yahoo Janice

    It is called “plastic surgery” & fillers & botox!
    That is why she looks that way..

  • William Sweeney

    Raquel Welch was entertaining the troops during Viet Nam, while POS Fonda was in Hanoi protesting.

  • John G

    Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren were and still are two of the most beautiful women on planet earth.

  • Gram Reeper

    She and Sophia Loren have to be 2 of the most beautiful women in the world of ANY age!

  • Steve

    I’d rather read articles about Raquel Welch than those losers and untalented Kardashians. Raquel Welch earned her fame and glory with talent, not nonsense!