Raquel Welch: Iconic Actress Stuns at pre-Emmy Awards Party

    September 21, 2013
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For two generations during 20th century, Raquel Welch dazzled the world as one of America’s most iconic female sex symbols.

The sultry sex siren became a household name with such exotic hollywood films as One Million Years B.C., Bedazzled where her screen name was Lilian Lust, and The Three Musketeers.

So when the 73 year old former Playboy girl turned out in a leopard-print figure hugging dress at Variety & Women In Film Pre-Emmy bash on Friday at Fig and Olive, Beverly Hills, eyes and cameras were transfixed to capture the moment. (image)

Welch may not be young and fertile anymore. College kids in dorm rooms may not be dreaming about making babies with her every night.

But retiring baby boomers still recall those fond memories from the 1960s and 70s, when they would drool all over their car seats while watching her perfect face and body at the local drive-in theater.

Raquel’s fans will be elated to know that she will appear in Lifetime Cable TV channel’s original movie House of Versace. She will be co-starring with Gina Gershon of the Cocktail fame.

Welch plays Donatella Versace’s aunt Lucia and the movie, based on Deborah Ball’s 2010 biography, premiers on October 5th this year. So here is your chance to brush up on your Versace by purchasing a copy at Amazon, before you judge Raquel’s performance.

Raquel Welch has shared marital bliss with four men. She bore two children, a 53-year-old son Damon and a younger 51-year-old daughter Tahnee with her first husband James Welch, from whom she took her famous surname. Daughter Tahnee followed in her mom’s footsteps as a model and an actress.

While we cannot expect Raquel to grow younger, and all living beings must encounter death someday, watching her allows us to perhaps admire and remember the time when women carried that subtle grace and feminine charm without being utterly raunchy and vulgar.

The question which keeps crossing everyone’s mind is, how does she stay so young and attractive at her age?

[images from twitter and raquelwelch.tumblr.com]
  • babyboy

    She is still beautiful now that’s the way you age gracefully….

  • http://aol daisey

    She stays young by having the best platic surgery, botax, wigs, (she owns the wig company) she could create, and I say GOOD for her. she looks stunny ! She is about the best example I have ever seen of how you can stay young looking if you have the money to invest. and that is NOT a critisism of her, I am sooo proud of her…!!!

    • hebythesea

      That is such a back handed bitter compliment..really..she looks amazing and has always look good..60 years of working out..eating right, not smoking or drinking and discipline…ever women enhances her look…passive aggressive get the help you need

  • Guillermo

    Raquel Welch was gorgeous in 1966, and is still gorgeous in 2013.