RankAttack Product Called Out By SEO Professionals

    October 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

An SEO software package called “RankAttack” has hit the market promising an increase in search engine rankings and traffic for just $79. But industry aficionados, most notably Google Insider Matt Cutts, have called out the software as not only bogus and opportunistic, but unethical.

The software claims to work by creating a “persona of popularity” for websites, and offers a sister software at the same price promising to de-Sandbox the UnGooglable. Creating that “persona of popularity” entails automatically creating bogus referrals to influence search engines.

Matt Cutts questions exactly what qualifies Mark Baily, whom the website quotes, as an “SEO Network Engineer,” especially since Mark seems to confuse links and clicks.

CJK Cybermedia provides an in depth review of the product and points to some interesting warning signs the reviewer says are indicators of bogus products:

The site was established in Feb. 2005, registered by anonymous proxy and is currently without pagerank or backlinks within google. Highly odd for a site promoting SEO tools.
The fit and finish of the website is sub-standard given the market segment being addressed.
Use of Hotmail email addresses for support. Support forums were closed (however cached by google).
No PageRank.
No valid Backlinks.
No posted company address, telephone numbers.
Payments only via paypal to a nonrelated baby apparel address (intentionally ommited for privacy).
Actively promoted on Ebay.com to unknowing consumer base.