Random Musings from BlogWorld

    November 9, 2007

Yesterday saw the real first day of BlogWorld–the previous day was an extra entrepreneur and corporate day–and 1500 bloggers descended on the Las Vegas convention center. Despite a few teething problems–poor audio at the keynote, not enough session moderators, and few microphones for audience questions–the conference was a success.

Here are some random snippets and new companies that I thought I’d share with you.

  • New Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra admits he’s only blogged twice in the last 40 days. He also confirms that Technorati is now tracking 110 million blogs.
  • Brad Hill, director of Weblogs Inc, looks for bloggers that have passion and authenticity then sets them free to blog about what they want.
  • Dan Gray tells affiliate marketers to never use display ads unless you’re getting paid on a CPM basis. He recommends contextual links and text ads only for affiliate ads.
  • Newstex.com is looking for quality blogs that it can syndicate to corporate partners such as Lexis Nexis. It’s a closed syndication system–public duplicate content to worry about–and you’ll get paid every time a company accesses your content.
  • Lijit.com would like to give your blog a better search engine and give you better information on how your readers search your site.
  • Cliq lets has built a better BlogRush. You decide who joins your group and you share news headlines with each other via their widget. Start a group on any topic or join one of their existing ones.