Ramses III: Throat Slit As Part Of Conspiracy?

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When researchers ran CT scans recently on the mummified remains of Ramses III, they found shocking evidence as to the cause of his death that had never been noticed before: a deep, wide gash in his throat consistent with being slit.

“The big cut is in his throat and it was very deep and large,” said anthropologist Albert Zink, who was involved in the research. “It would have killed him immediately.”

According to ancient writings called the Judicial Papyrus of Turin, the pharaoh was killed as part of a plot by his second wife, Tiye, to get their son to the throne. It is said that Prince Pentawer (sometimes spelled Pentawere) knew about the plot beforehand and, after Ramses’ death, took his own life after he went to trial for the murder. Interestingly, a second mummy which has been known as “Unknown Man E” underwent a scan, as well, and researchers now believe they’ve found Pentawer. Analysis shows this mummy was very closely releated to Ramses–sharing 50% of his DNA–and that the body was treated very strangely for that time period, as the organs were not removed and the body was covered with a “ritually impure” goat skin. These things could be related to the events that occurred before he died.

“From our genetic analysis we could really prove the two were closely related. They share the same Y chromosome and 50% of their genetic material, which is typical of a father-son relationship,” Zink said.

Although there’s still quite a bit of contention regarding how Ramses died–some say he was attacked by members of his harem in a revolt–the latest discovery is very exciting for researchers, who say it’s possible the throat-slit occurred during the embalming process but that it is highly unlikely.

“Before now we knew more or less nothing about the destiny of Ramesses III,” Zink said. “People had examined his body before and had done radiographs but they didn’t notice any trauma. They did not have access to the CT scans that we do. We were very surprised by what we found. We still cannot be sure that the cut killed him, but we think it did. It might have been made by the embalmers but this is very unlikely. I’m not aware of any other examples of this.”

Image: BMJ

Ramses III: Throat Slit As Part Of Conspiracy?
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  • Terry

    For all of you who like to call everyone who owns a gun “rednecks” To you I say, you always like to categorize all people into one bag but what you don’t understand is that I could call you uneducated because I doubt you know what our constitution say’s or even the three branches of government. This is simple, you either believe in all of our constitution including the 2nd amendment or you believe in none of it. You cannot pick and choose which parts you want to believe in and which parts you don’t. You are either a true American who believes in our constitution which is the law of the land our maybe you are just a communist in American clothing. As far as Ramses 111 goes, those people back then are no different than our leaders today, they only want money and power and could care less about you.

    • daniel muscatell

      Who the helllllllll are u to say what I can or can not believe in. You stupid republicans always use the most irrational means to make a point. This is exactly why you lost this last race to a guy who had one of the biggest economic four year blunders ever as a president.

      People like you are so ignorant, it is only proof why the world thinks America is so full of it !

      • Mel

        The only reason Obama won was because he’s black and you know it. Get off your high horse. No one is telling you what to believe in. Only the communist Obama administration will be doing that, gradually over time you idiot!!!!

        • Gabrielle

          It amuses me so much when people say Obama was only elected (twice) because he is black. I think it has more to do with the Republican party’s out-of-touch candidates and extreme far right turn the party suddenly took after Clinton. Hell I would have voted for Garey Busey the past two elections if he was the Democratic candidate.

        • Josh Taylor

          @Mel. So the only reason Obama won is because he is black. Who owns this country of Ameirca? Who runs this country? What race out numbers all other races in this country? The answer to those 3 questions is the white race. Obama won 78 percent of the hispanic vote, 90 percent of the black vote, 75 percent of the Asian vote and 43 percent of the white vote. Even with all the other races still Obama could not have won the presidency without the white vote. What you just said is a lie and a bunch of horsefeathers and has no merit at all. You are a very ignorant person and a disgrace to the white race. Obama is hated by millions of people like yourself and if the white race wanted to get him out of office they surely don’t give a damn if he is black and would have not had no problem to vote him out. By him being black did not at all help him to win you embicele. He won simply because your republican party is outdated and is not trusted. Republicans tried to scare white America to death by lying propaganda and it backfired badly. Your party needs to be overhauled because it is not the party of the future, it is the party of old middle aged men that still think it is the 1950’s. You are a very stupid person and has the IQ of 5. The truth hurts doesn’t it?

      • Jerry

        WTH does your rant about the 2nd Amendment and “true” Americans have to do with the article about Ramses III? You’re on the wrong board! Word of advice: posting your rants on non-political boards will always make your side look idiotic.

      • Locsta

        i think terry is related to rick perry, they both don’t know what the hell they are saying. you know what i’m saying? just saying…

    • Red

      Only someone like you could compare the 2nd amendment to an embalming step confused for a murder 2000 years ago. I’m glad the world ends Friday and we don’t have to deal with stupidity like this guy anymore

    • http://Yahoo Pam

      The Second Amendment was written before we had automatic weapons. I doubt our forefathers could have foreseen the type of weapons that are now being manufactured. So you think that everything written over a hundred years ago should be blindly followed? If that’s the case then we should still be bleeding people when they are sick. As for the communist comment, it shows you are still living in the 50’s. Look up the definition. We don’t have a pure democracy either.

      • Rachael

        I can’t believe I’m responding to political comments on an article re: Ramses III for God’s sake, however, you’ve alluded to some points which annoy me (and many others who’ve read The Federalist Papers). Yes, the Second Amendment was written before we had automatic weapons, however, the framers of the constitution were not only brilliant men, but also military men. They knew they were creating a brilliant document & most scholars believe they had the intelligence to anticipate great changes in all forms of technology. I leave the question of the legitimate right to private ownership pf such weapond up to Congress, however. Of course everything written over 100 yrs ago(The Bill of Rights & The Declaration of Independance are a wee bit older than 100: The “Dec” is 236 and the Bill of Rights is 223 yrs old) should not be blindly followed, & the great men who wrote the Declaration & the Bill of Rights knew this, which is why constitutional framers specifically wrote the Constitution in flexible terms to create a “living” document. While taking no sides politically (neither candidate was a member of my party), perhaps you should consider reading “The Communist Manifesto.” You may be surprised. Now, the pure democracy thing… well, of course. There is no country in the world that is governed wholly by pure majority rule. If you are referring to the Madison debate, I remind you that the words (and meaning, of course)”democracy” & “republic” were utterly synonymous to him. Lastly, a form of bloodletting is till performed in many prestigous hospitals & has saved countless lives. Apart from all that, I hope we can maybe talk about Ramses? The dude’s been waiting a long time for a little justice.

    • joshua

      And I can call you a redneck not because im putting all people in a bag just you. Your stupidity is evident when you pull out the 2nd amendment out of your ass to justify your own means. The truth is that the founding fathers enacted that amendment for a militia not so that everyone could mass produce guns and use them for shits and giggles.
      Before you go on and call other people uneducated, check your facts first. Unless of course you are a republiCON and don’t give a shit about facts please refrain from spewing ignorance.

  • daniel muscatell

    Why not say in order to drain the blood before mummification….they slit his throat.

    Possible ??

  • phil haberkorn

    It wouldn’t have taken Marg Helgenberger so long to solve this case…

    • Ashley

      hahaha I agree! She would have cracked this case already

  • john di

    He may have cut himself shaving….Note: he had no beard. Oh well……..

  • http://WebProNews BobbieCasto

    On the same day these children were murdered, 27 children in China were stabbed to death by another person who should have been committed long before they got to this point. With the insurance restrictions the way they are, you can only put your possessed child away for 30 days and then they are really, really mad. Ticking time bombs.

  • Nunya Biznez

    My eggs taste better than your eggs. The end.

  • Mark

    I did not vote for Ramses III anyway.

  • KZ

    Unfortunately, the truth is that Republicans being elected to office have in the past made cuts that have scared the American people. Often these cuts have effected jobs and programs like Social Security, Teacher Retirement, and Educational Programs.

    So, to keep this fear alive, Obama’s backers ran ad campaigns to keep the democrats scared to vote for folks like Romney.

    Between these ad campaigns and hardcore democrats who refuse to vote otherwise, there was indeed a problem getting Romney elected. Him being Mormon didn’t help in their eyes!!!!

    Add all this to the fact that ALL votes were NOT counted before the election was decided and the fact that the Electoral College no longer fairly and honestly represents the America people and you have Obama in office again.

    I only wonder how long the American people are going to put up with this man!!!

    • joshua

      You freaking kidding me?! Romney was not elected because he was an awful liar that couldn’t be trusted. On top of that Obama still won even after those voter suppression laws were enacted on the red states, so you are right a lot of votes weren’t counted the ones that were for Obama.
      Unless you are rich I really don’t see why you would side with the republiCONS.

    • POed Lib

      The American people rejected fascism. Obama is a great president, and fascists hate him.

  • Hawthorne

    Well, I guess the past examiners didn’t have access to Photoshop.

  • marv

    The mummy looks cool,,I need to get mummified before friday

  • http://yahoo.com Denny Allen

    It’s sad that people have so much hate in them that they’ll post political talkings and BS on any article, whether it pertains to the subject of the article or not.

    • Aaron

      i agree

  • Aaron

    ok how did this story get off track and become a debate about what is wrong with America? really thought it was about a pharoah getting his throat cut. if it was some politician of America i would understand

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