Radiohead’s Download Experiment Faring Well

    October 10, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Whether or not you think music should be given away, sold at reasonable per-download prices, or sold at whatever price the record labels want to put on them, Radiohead’s experiment in name-your-own-price marketing may be paying off.

Not to mention all the publicity their getting because of it, the website visited most after Radiohead’s (in the UK, at least) is a place to buy concert tickets, says Hitwise.

Whether or not that would seem the natural next visit regardless of pricing experiment, it’s also interesting that the announcement also caused an 11-fold increase in website traffic, propelling the site 260 places to the seventh most visited band website overall.

So there might be an interesting correlation there.

Robin Goad, Hitwise’s UK Research Director, says there may be another element at work in the band’s advantage. Users of file-sharing programs, at least across the Pond (gotta say, love that expression), skew toward the lower income brackets. If true in the States, it makes you like the RIAA less for going after people that can’t afford to fight them to begin with.

As for British Radiohead fans, Goad says they’re the "typical middle class student band," which means their name-your-own-price business model in the hopes of driving larger package and ticket sales would be a natural fit for their demographic.