Radiohead In 8-Bit Sound Quality

    May 22, 2012

Remember the dulcet sounds of video game soundtracks in 8-bit format? Music from titles like Double Dragon and the first Mario Brothers? Of course you do. If not, take a moment to remind yourself. Now that that’s taken care of, imagine what one of the most popular bands–I said band, not pop singers for those of you guessing Katy Perry or the chick who sings “Call Me Maybe”–in the world would sound like in that manner.

Thanks to the efforts of Quinton Sung, we now know exactly like such a thing would sound like, thanks to his conversion of Radiohead’s Kid A and OK Computer to the 8-bit sound format and uploaded them to YouTube. Not just songs from these albums, mind you–although, there are some of those available as well–but the entire albums.

Not only that, but with Kid A, there are clickable annotations that allow you to jump to each song on the album. Check it out:

Naturally, this find has made the social media newswires all over, appearing in places like Buzzfeed and Boing Boing, for instance. The 8-bit conversions didn’t miss Twitter’s eye, either:

I had planned on writing the Wrap Up today, then I found full-length 8-Bit versions of Radiohead’s OK Computer & Kid A
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No they are not. RT @UPROXX: 8-Bit Renditions Of Radiohead’s Two Best Albums Are Not A Let Down
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Paranoid Android in 8-bit is unreal must listen > Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ get an 8-bit reimagining
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esto es increíble. Quiero un vídeojuego de Radiohead via @PlayGrounder
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Mi gusta, también.