“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook

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“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook
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A photo of a Penn State sorority has gone viral after a member posted it to Facebook and tagged other girls in it, and now the school is receiving some backlash over the content.

The photo shows the girls of Chi Omega Nu dressed in ponchos and sombreros for what they called a “Mexican fiesta” themed party around Halloween, complete with mustaches and hand-lettered signs which read, “Will mow lawn for weed and beer” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it”. The photo made the rounds on Facebook, with some calling it racist, and has now landed the sorority in some hot water under the backlash. Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez, issued a statement regarding the sorority’s choice of attire.

“The Mexican American Student Association is disappointed in the attire chosen by this sorority. It in no way represents our culture. Not only have they chosen to stereotype our culture with serapes and sombreros, but the insinuation about drug usage makes this image more offensive. Our country is plagued by a drug war that has led to the death of an estimated 50,000 people, which is nothing to be joked about.”

The sorority is now under investigation and has issued a statement about the incident:

“Our chapter of Chi Omega sincerely apologizes for portraying inappropriate and untrue stereotypes. The picture in question does not support any of Chi Omega’s values or reflect what the organization aspires to be.”

The college has had its share of controversy in the past year with the Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno investigation, so any news which can be construed as shedding a bad light on the school is sure to gain some detractors. Twitter has been abuzz today as users share their thoughts on whether the photo should be taken as a racist insult.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has gotten themselves into trouble with a photo posted to Facebook; earlier this year, a Kentucky man uploaded a picture of himself stealing gas from a police car. Needless to say, it didn’t go over well. Also this year, a man beat a disabled person to death, took video of it, and uploaded it to the social media site.

“Racist” Sorority Photo Stirs Up Trouble On Facebook
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  • ricardo

    Personally I could care less about this picture. It seems to me the only people who give a shit and are upset about this are small organizations who claim to represent entire races of people (which, seriously people…come on now), and white people with ultra-guilt complexes, who always get in an uproar when it’s white people making racial humor. I could care less for the types of girls who typically join a sorority, but at the same time this is hardly what I would consider a serious issue of racism. In fact I don’t even think the girls should have apologized. yeah, I said it. The apology was probably as fake as the outrage that lead to the fake apology.

  • Melang

    Why does the ‘Vice President of the Mexican American Student Association, Cesar Sanchez Lopez ‘ call Mexico “our country” ? I am more offended by phony outrage of immigrants reaping the benefits of the United States of America after fleeing their failed countries but showing absolutely NO ALLEGIANCE to this great nation. SHAME ON YOU CESAR SANCHEZ LOPEZ ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF “YOUR FAILED COUNTRY” AND THE DRUG LORDS WHO RUN IT?

    • David

      Well said. But wait… You can’t say that! It’s true and isn’t politically correct. Shame on you!!! ;-)

    • Sebastian Brisuela

      I hope that you (Melang) have served in the US Armed Forces like the so many of those that you call “immigrants reaping benefits”. The reason I say this is because there are so many risking their life in Afghanistan or have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country and they are not even US citizens. So, let’s get it right, unless you are a native american, then you are also an immigrant reaping benefits from this great country.

    • Anny

      but yet who are the people smoking the weed? Americans. In fact two states you can smoke weed. Don’t blame a WHOLE race for some bad apples.

  • Myla

    Chi Omega Nu is a sorority at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Get your facts straight.

    • http://ndnnews,com BubbaNDN

      Chi Omega Nu has more than one sorority on other campuses. Get YOUR facts straight, jeez

    • http://YAHOO Gabrielle Schlueter

      Well said. This country actually belonged to the American Indians before it was stolen. Europeans ran not came over after committing various vulgarities.

  • Jaime

    Who’s reaping those benefits?…this is not your country either…you country is Germany, England, Holland or wherever you guys came from…and by the way: drug dealers exist because of you…bunch of ignorant s!!

  • fight the lies

    Who has ever seen that movie called WHITE GIRLS with the Wayans brothers…????? SO I guess by the same standards, that movie also would be RACIST……right???? Or is it just a DOUBLE STANDARD….? Because that’s what REALLY divides people in this country…..

    • Micheal

      You mean white chicks. And its not the same, its not using stereotypes. Its not saying that white people are white trash or that they go out to the streets begging for money, or that they are lazy and can’t do things on their own.

      • Boo

        Yes, it is. Very much using stereotypes. And it does say that white girls are dumb, vain and shallow and that they can’t do anything on their own. Hence the joke.

        And I don’t recall white folks getting all pissy and angsty because of it. Because we get the joke. And we get that some white girls ARE dumb, vain and shallow.

  • Ryan Russell

    When the hell did Mexians become a race? Just because they make a run for the boarder does not make them a “race”; it’s technically a race to get to the US. So what you have here is actually Culturally Insensitive. Get your facts straight before posting.

    • Anny

      You should really speak before you say anything. It’s a race, that’s like saying when did Japanese become a race. You dumb idiot.

      • Boo

        Uh, Anny – actually YOU should really speak before you say anything. “Mexican” is not a race, it is a nationality. “American” is not a race, “German” is not a race, Australian is not a “race” etc, etc. They are all nationalities. Just like “Japanese”.

        Depending on which argument you lean toward, there are either THREE major races (Caucasian, Mongolian and Negroid), or FOUR major races (Caucasian, Mongolian, Negroid and Australoid).

        If someone is Mexican, they can belong to any of the race groups, including Caucasians since a lot of Mexicans are descended from the Spanish (European = Caucasian).

        “You dumb idiot.”

        • Boo

          And, yes, I was being facetious. Obviously, you should THINK before you say anything, not SPEAK before you say anything. But it’s always funny to see the mistakes in someone’s post while they’re busy calling someone else a dumb idiot…

  • http://sayingsfromafrica.blogspot.com/ Bob

    This is pathetic, not in the present day and time!

    • Ken

      Your pathetic with your feigned outrage. Your so morally superior aren’t you bob. Your a sheep and a brainwashed little creep.

  • Ken

    I’m sick of the Orwellian masses making a big deal out of nothing. It’s a fricking joke you uptight little pussies. Always calling the thought police out when their feelings get hurt. No segment of our society should be beyond reproach or lampooning, it’s called free speech. These girls should not apologize for anything, if you can’t take a joke screw you.

  • Jakobus

    Wow LOL at the whiners getting upset over this, got news for you this happens all the time and has happened for years, is Racist only to idiots who throw that term around so much nowdays it has no meaning. Then someone says “That is racist” these days a lot of people just laugh and go “Pffft yeah whatever man” simply because the term has been abused and is seen as way for minorities in this country to get something they want.

    This country has become so damned PC is makes me want to puke.

    • Jakobus

      Darn typos, had to fix my post-

      Wow LOL at the whiners getting upset over this, got news for you this happens all the time and has happened for years, it is Racist only to idiots who throw that term around so much nowdays it has no meaning. When someone says “That is racist” these days a lot of people just laugh and go “Pffft yeah whatever man” simply because the term has been abused and is seen as way for minorities in this country to get something they want.

      This country has become so damned PC is makes me want to puke.

      • D

        100% agree. Is this stupid? Maybe. Might there be a racist or two in the group? Maybe, as in any other group. Is this racist per se? No, it’s a party, c’mon…

  • Freedoman

    Just a sorority joke! Get a life . . . Just having fun!!!!!!!

    • http://YAHOO Gabrielle Schlueter

      I am a Black Woman and I have experienced this sort of “harassment” for years and just ignore it. I understand that some people are ignorant to the fact that what may be “fun” to some may be hurtful to others. This is what happens when people don’t have any true religion in their lives. I am patiently awaiting the coming apocalypse for such miserable people to get their comeuppance.

  • Shannin

    I don’t think they were being raciest they were having fun I mean you can see a chines s or japeness not sure which in the Pic and there looks like there is a Spanish girl in there to. I just think people are over reacting and just need something to bitch about and these girls gave them a reason. It was a party you take pics at party’s and put them on Facebook so what that they were wearing sunbraros and shit that’s the type of party they had dose not mean they were being raciest. So if I go through a Afro theme party am I raciest??? I just think it is a bunch a bullshit.

    • kb

      Young lady, you need to crawl out that foolish mindset that you are in and join the 21st century. Ignorance has no excuse. You are responsible for the decisions you make. As an adult, you have to think about not just how you feel toward things in life, but how other people would feel.

      Prime example:

      If guys only look at stuff for a male point of view, I can assure you guys will say or do something to a woman that is offbase.

    • Ferrill””

      Raciest??? Japeness? Party’s ? Sunbraro? Dose? How dumb are you?

  • ShaNu

    The picture in and of itself is not racist. I guess If I go to mexico and buy a poncho and sombrero and then wear it in public makes me racist. GTFOH. What I do find racist is there is not one African American in the bunch. smh.

  • freefallkoja

    Get the Hell Off of it, you crying S.O.B.’s! If you had of crossed any other border in the world, you would not have been so pampered! You drive down our wages and use our welfare system, as if it’s a right. As for those of you brought over because of your parents breaking our immigration laws… Well, that’s thier fault, Not Mine! What about the children of Legal U.S. Citizens, who have been convicted of breaking the laws of this nation, who are deprived of their Father or Mother. You Think About That! Good Day & K.O.J.A.

  • mscmd

    I seriously doubt that these girls were trying to make any sort of statement, in fact i’d bet money there was alcohol involved. With that in mind, if someone is going to allow themselves to feel offended by the antics of a bunch of drunk college girls…well then they will probably be offended by pretty much anything. I say let it go folks.

  • Maria

    Hahahaha that’s some funny shit im hispanic and i could really care less what “racist” people say nowadays this picture is funny to me i mean a bunch of skanks dressing up like mexicans now that’s funny as hell.

  • kb

    It wouldn’t been so bad if the girls would have not put that stupid sign. Who came up with the sign? Penn State is still in the middle of another firestorm. Now this? Didn’t anyone of the girls have an inking of foresight to think “Hey, this sign may not be a good thing?” Now everyone involved is under the gripe of Aggripa!!!

    What do you think the parents of these girls are thinking after seeing this?

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