Racist School Lunch Causes Stir in California

    February 8, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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A simple meal idea turned into racial controversy at a California private school this week, when administrators okay-ed a school menu that offered fried-chicken, cornbread and watermelon.

According to administrators at Carondelet High School for Girls, in Concord, Calif., the menu was supposed to honor Black History month, but instead it offended both students and parents alike.

Based on reports, the menu was first put together by a small group of the students, and although it was approved by some of the school’s decision makers, it didn’t get total approval, and eventually made it to print.

And once students came home and told their parents what was happening, many called the school to complain, and soon after a letter of apology was sent.

Nancy Libby, the school’s principal said she highly regrets the menu being put together and she’s truly sorry for anyone being hurt or offended. “I’d like to apologize for the announcement and any hurt this caused students, parents or community members,” she said. “Please know that at no time at Carondelet do we wish to perpetrate racial stereotypes.”

Shortly after the story caught wind, a local newspaper called The Atlantic Wire, took to its website to explain why so many black people in the area were offended, because some still might be confused why a menu with fried chicken and watermelon could be considered racist.

“A slice of watermelon isn’t racist in and of itself,” read the site. “But when people talk about black people loving watermelon, they’re talking about a lot more than food. They’re talking about a stereotype with a lot of racist history, history still embraced by some of the worst people on the Internet.”

“History is important, any Black History Month celebration that ignores the experiences and portrayals of black people in this country is shallow at best. If you want to acknowledge black history this month, learn it.”

Which is why Libby is organizing a public meeting and discussion on race at Carondelet, so that people who want to acknowledge Black History month know how to do it respectfully, and she’s also holding the meeting to ease some of the racial tensions in the area that have surfaced since the controversy arose.

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  • The Goblin King

    What you call racist I call a good eating.

    • Abilene

      +1. I like both, and it should have included corn on the cob and mashed potatoes and white gravy. What's the matter with people that they would pass up a good American meal because of a bunch of PC crap?

  • Gort

    Yup, and if it didn't have those particular food items, the libturds would be calling it racially insennnnnnnnsitive for not beiong incluuuuuuuuusive and only having white people food. We know the drill, libtards.

    • Amber Bandicoot

      That's some mighty fine "Savage" there… ; )

  • John Tillotson

    I sill don't an issue here except the fact that an issue was made over otherwise nutritious food. During any Sunday afternoon in the summer, I could expect my mom to cook up the same. And, my skin color is far from black, not even tan. What would be racist, would be to force the black children to catch, behead, and pluck the chickens. Then we could call it an issue worthy of the racism label.

  • Amber Bandicoot

    What other race or ethnicity is involved in such endless offense, historical grievance, un-ending hyper-sensitivity, and outright crybabying? Hint : It's the only one who gets an entire month to kiss up to it, and the only one who holds "vigils", "marches", "sit-ins", and all other manner of spoiled-rotten civil disobedience. Oh, and whites-beating "flash mobs". For God's sake, if you didn't have MLK, what would you rally around? Blacks are coddled and accommodated because, as a race and culture(s), they're a distant runner-up, and no one wants to admit it. If you had rice at school, would all the Asians demand an apology? No, they're doing their math homework, instead of going to prison in droves, or setting new world records in un-wed motherhood, social dysfunction, and educational failure.

  • JamalJenkum

    Christ on a cracker, what's next? History is important, any Black History Month celebration that ignores the experiences and portrayals of black people in this country is shallow at best.

    Here are some more historically accurate 'african' selections:

    Assorted thistles and brambles with mashed termites

    Zebra gristle covered in lion saliva and caramelized vulture droppings

    Poached rival tribesman with an ox urine reduction sauce

    and for dessert…..

  • mitchsmith

    The complaints by the parents of these students are a continued effort to continue to whip up racial angst and anger over symbols of an era that has long since gone. If its still here, it would only be because of the professional race-baiters and those who use racism as their pocket pair of aces to justify their behaviors and failures in life. So, do the complainers find something wrong with fried chicken, watermelon or cornbread? Fine then, let those who are offended not eat. Let your idiot PC override the very good food that is fried chicken, watermelon, and cornbread. As for me, I'll have your share and be very happy about it. I will say though, watermelon this time of year should absolutely be avoided. Only summertime melons are acceptable. Now go away and be hungry as you celebrate your outing of such offensiveness! I have a meal of fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread waiting for me! Oh, and one other thing, I would bet dollars to donuts, the same people who are dealing the race card on this story have no issue with preparing the very same foods at home, or maybe stopping by KFC on the way home from the latest protest over racism, to get a bucket of chicken.

  • Janice Foster

    I have ministered around and in the black churches of Kansas and the menu isloved by whites also….every race has it s favorite foods to eat and why the black children got upset is beside me….they probably are tired of not being to eat white, native American or mexican, itialian or others at home more often so they want the menus to stay clear of black foods eaten at home!

  • mitchsmith

    "Prison Food"…now that is very funny!