Rachel Jeantel Gets An Apology On Behalf Of The Country

    June 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Rachel Jeantel, the 18-year old girl who has taken the stand this week in the Trayvon Martin case only to be bashed by numerous people online and interrogated by George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys, has just gotten an apology from a Rutgers University student on behalf of the country.

Jeantel has faced harsh criticism not just for her answers on the stand or for not being 100% truthful in the beginning of the investigation–because she was scared to get involved in such a high-profile case–but because of her background, her education level, the way she speaks, and the way she looks. The trial is getting heavy media scrutiny, and everything Jeantel does and says is recorded for the world to see. The backlash against her has inspired Khadijah Costley White to write an apology letter for the way she’s being treated, and it’s one of the most moving things you’ll see all week.

White wrote, in part:

Dear Rachel,
I write this as I watch you testifying, tightening your lips, grinding your teeth in an attempt to be stoic, to not break down while you recount the grisly, too-soon murder of your friend. It was probably the most terrifying moment of your life. I can’t imagine listening, helpless, while my friend was stalked and murdered, panicked and afraid. You told him to run. You thought it would keep him safe. What could’ve been going through your mind that day? Did you worry when the phone was cut off? When Trayvon didn’t call you back or return any of your missed calls?

…I’m so sorry that people are judging you, fixated more on your beautiful brown skin, your carefully applied make-up, your body, your being, than your trauma and your pain. I’m sorry that you were born into a country where a man can pursue and kill a black boy, your friend, and go home the same night with the blessings of law enforcement officers….There are a lot of hateful things being said about you—comparisons to “Precious” (as if Gabourey Sidibe isn’t a real person or, irony of ironies, that Precious wasn’t also a victim of trauma), people making fun of your frankness, your tenacity, your refusal to codeswitch out of your mother-sister-brother tongue.

…I just want you to know: I am so proud of you. In you I see a fierce resistance that reminds me of ancestors past.
Each time you open your mouth, look down, clench your cheeks in a fresh wave of pain, I see Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Fannie Lou Hamer joining their spirits and bonding their strength to yours. I see a survivor, a woman who has miraculously kept her mind and nurtured her sanity enough that she can sit, for hours, and recount such horror. You have a brilliance that flares out, only to be quickly veiled by a glance down or a quiet stare. Past your soul-wrenching pain and your child-like bravado, I see hope and possibility, a small green tendril creeping out of a concrete playground. I see YOU.”

  • Casey Anderson

    What gives anyone the authority to apologize to the liar Rachel Jeantel on my behalf? Such is the presumption of the race industry.

    Rachel Jeantel got precisely what she deserved on the stand. She is a self-confessed liar and, based on her twitter feed, a 19 year old alcoholic. She’s as unreliable as she could possibly be.

  • the boss

    She should write an apology to the court reporter thats if she can even write…..

  • Tobin

    Obviously the author is biased. Please don’t apologize for me. I have nothing to apologize for. I hope she will apologize to Zimmermans family after the case for lying under oath.

  • Must Be a Joke

    Well, good thing this apology is not in cursive.

    • rich kautzman

      thank you for making my day

    • dwight johnson

      well, Rachel or in general black people may not be able to read and write in cursive, we may not be able to do a whole host of things that white people can do but one thing is sure – you will never get black people to worship you or agree that the white race is superior to black people. Yep you say black people are 3/5th of human beings but you are totally wrong. You believe that the only good nigger is a dead nigger just like with Trayvon but you know one day Jesus Christ of Nazareth will prove that you are 100% wrong to disparage and perpetrate viciousness on the black race.

      • Dan Cummings

        Why would you say such a racist thing?

        People of every color are taught to write in school. It begins in first grade with printing. By third grade full-scale handwriting. There’s no reason why any identifiable group should be able to claim their group “doesn’t do cursive”. All schools certainly taught it when Jeantel would have been in first grade a dozen years ago. What makes her skin color mean she can’t do handwriting? How does she sign her name? Is our population really so illiterate? Does it somehow make her a pitiable figure? Why? She had claimed to have “written” the letter to Martin’s mom. She didn’t. She couldn’t even read it. She admits she embellished the truth when sitting beside martin’s mom in a legal interview. She is a serial liar. And then she calls the defense lawyer “retarded” in open court. Doesn’t she realize how offensive that is? Or that “cracker” is a racist term? Why not? Do we blame schools when students don’t learn? When they’re insolent, mumble or lie in court? Her skin color is irrelevant, as is the rest of her physical appearance: the immaculate complexion, hair and nails. What matters is her evidence and believability. And she isn’t believable. Her insolence, sullen expressions and insults make it worse. This case should have never have come to trial if this is the best witness. The evidence says Zimmerman was assaulted, he has the multiple injuries to his head: broken nose, contusions and bleeding on the back of his skull. Had Martin lived, he would have been charged with assault. Jeantel didn’t call 911 or apparently even wonder what happened to Martin. Some friend.

      • Abe Lincoln

        Ummmm…Who exactly believes this? A guy fighting for the South in 1860?

        Time to get of the victim train. Nobody cares what color this dopey woman is. They do care that she lied under oath and had a really, really rotten attitude.

    • Michael


    • BB

      That is so cruel.

  • Donna

    Please don’t apologize for the ignorance of some people, like Mr. West and others making hateful comments. They only judge her on her color and her appearance and not her testimony. She lied, to protect her identity not about the case itself, she spent more time trying to defend herself against a man who was trying his hardest to be condescending that she wasn’t able to tell Trayvon’s story. He wanted to intimidate her but I’m glad she handled him the way she did. She never changed her story the answers were basically the same depending on the questions that were being asked, Jonthan Good had the same problem in court today but they excused as “those are not same questions I was asked”.

    • Abe Lincoln

      Oh, get off the victim train. West was actually wearing kid gloves with that idiot.

      By the way, Mr. Good did a fine job.

      Good luck with hearing the verdict. If Rachel was the STAR witness for the Prosecution? Wow.

  • frank

    She was arrogant, childish, disrepectful, dumb, a liar and a 19 year old still in high school. She brought it on herself

    • http://Yahoo Gander

      If Rachel were talking about something horrific as the writer claims please feel free to let us all in on what that was.She knew nothing of what happened to Mr Martin till she returned to school.So the only thing she was witness too was what she heard on the cell phone using her bluetooth. And we all know how clear and precise a conversation can be on those.So please Amanda Crum apologize only for the misconception of Rachels statement you heard because the conversation you claim to be talking about wasn’t the same one i heard and watched.And at no time did i see anyone disrespect this witness unless questioning her previous statements and how they didn’t match what she was now declaring she heard was what you refer to.

    • Michael

      You forgot GHETTO

  • http://webpronews David Mann/ Houston,TX

    It’s really a shame as long as Blacks have been a part of American culture that in 2013 we still have not learned how to co-exist in this world together. The reality is that when we self destruct, we all go down, not just blacks or hispanics or people of color, all of us! I’m sure that if whites in general back then knew what they know now about how strong black people really are, how we endured everything white people put us through, the degredation, the disrespect, the torture, etc. they would have left us over in our own country, the MOTHERLAND where civilization first started! It’s amazing that as smart as white americans claim to be that they still don’t have common sense to realize that God created everyone equal! Now put that in your peace pipe and smoke it! We need to unite as people living on the same planet so maybe we can all have a fair chance to survive! It’s not too late….peace & blessings to all of us.

    • Jenna

      I definitely strongly, completely agree !! Even though I am white. Rachel you were awesome and inspiring. I also apologize for the way you were mistreated and disrespected. I appreciate your strength. I hope you get more support from the people near to you. Please hang in there and know there are many who empathize with you.

      • Abe Lincoln

        She called the defense atny a “retart” but you feel SHE was disrespected. Got it.

  • Pete Ross

    just remember this so-called friend. She is going to be the reason that Zimmerman gets off, even though he is only guilty of defending himself. she recanted many times, looks like she suffers from Narcolepsy, what do you mean she can’t read Cursive? that is first grade level basics. only time she moved like she was truly alive was when she got to leave, you couldn’t get her out of there fast enough, looked like the road runner. anyway, if you are trying to “Represent” that was a poor showing on her part, and if this ends like I know its going to end, just remember, (she is the star witness for the prosecution) no riots because one feels that justice wasn’t done for TrayVon….just remember her.

    • Abe Lincoln

      I think they are going to acquit GZ. Obama’s been whipping up the permanently outraged crowd….and that crowd has been practicing the Social Media re: flash mobs and Beat Whitey night at state fairs.

      Going to get very ugly. Stay off the streets verdict day. Sad thing is it will be the rioter’s own neighborhoods that get burned, looted and trashed. I hope I’m wrong…but the twitterverse is full of these miserable people already planning what stores to loot…you know “redistribute the wealth”…per King Obama.

      • BB

        That wealth will never be distributed because that 1% is not going to allow it. So don’t worry yourself. They have there feet on Obama’s neck so hard that he can’t hardly move or do anything. Don’t expect anything from him. Sorry!

  • docboggle

    Gee, guess what? When one of us white folk acts like an uneducated slacker fool, and people voice their opinion, nobody gives a crap.

    Remember Kato Kaelin? Kaelin received considerable media attention following his testimony. He was the subject of jokes by TV comedians, who made light of his surfer persona, lack of employment, and allegedly parasitic habits.

    Yes he was an undereducated, dumb, lazy parasite zero. He didn’t ask to be at the trial, but was dragged in, and after people got a measure of his character, were rightfully disdainful of it.

    Compare this treatment to the treatment of Rachel Jeantel – Pretty similar. A few key differences in her and Kato Kaelin.

    Kaelin did not sport a snotty, arrogant, don’ be disrespectin’ me none attitude toward the court participants and court procedure.

    Other than that the media treatment of both examples of white trash parasite and black ghetto trash were pretty similar.

    Oh wait, that’s not quite true! Kaelin did not receive an apology on behalf of the nation? Why not since his treatment was similar to that of Rachael Jeantel?

    Oh, yea, I forgot that any character defect you possess is immediately required to be overlooked if you have enough melanin in your skin, per the Politically Correct Guidebook.

    The more you excuse failures in parenting, uncivilized behavior, and an utter contempt for bettering yourself through education as being due to a matter of skin color, the more the African American Community will continue to go down the toilet. Keep playing the victim, guys, and just see where that gets you.

    Take a note from Bill Cosby, you stupid victim

  • Steve

    You don’t speak for the country.

  • Grand wizzard

    No apology from this American. That girl is ignorant, a liar and a disgrace to the country. She brought it all upon herself as they all do.

  • Dr. Helton

    So it is all right for the other guy to have inconsistencies in his story but not Rachael. She is not on trial for murder, but Zimmerman is. Who out there would allow someone to approach them in the dark and not fight back? It seems that Martin may have been standing his ground. Here you are making blanket statements about color. It seems that everyone has a position in this murder without all the facts. Now this young lady is lying because she looks the way she does. I guarantee you that when you get older, many of you will be wrinkled while this lady will look the same. She lied about her age and why she did not go to the funeral. She was not under oath. Being an 18 year old, she probably did not want to see the dead body and thinking that if she told them she was underage, she would not have to testify. When I was 18, I did not ever want to go to a funeral or see a dead body. Rachael also speaks three different languages and were not born in this country. However you have chosen to judge her and no one else? I wonder why? Lies have no color because if they did, Lord knows that you and I know plenty of people who are guilty, especially if we start when the slaves got off the ship. You need to leave racism out of this mess so that we can REALLY find out what happened. I guarantee you one final thing. God is not going to judge based on what you look like, but how you lived. Thoughts and words are things that are just as bad as actions.

    • Abe Lincoln

      You want facts? They are being presented as evidence. And part of the evidence is her dismal testimony. She is a liar and seems to have quite the entitlement attitude. Such a drag to have to be there! Everybody “retarted”!


  • chuck norris

    What a crock of shit.

    • Abe Lincoln

      Yes….what an utter load.

      She had a rotten attitude and was a liar.

      What did she do that was in any way decent, or impressive. She didn’t even follow up to see if he was okay. Called back a few times that night…right after the event then forgot about it.

      Really? You compare her to that list of wonderful women? Delusional.

  • chuck norris

    She IS the typical ghetto girl of today’s generation. People wonder how Obama got elected and this country has gone to the shitter. Glad to know my tax dollars will continue to support her and her offspring.

  • Ronald McDonald

    Never mind her race.Why she is even on the stand in the first place is the real question.She was on a cellphone with the young man and the call was dropped or disconnected. Okay,ask a few questions.After a few simple questions she should have been done, and the ‘trial’ should have kept moving.

  • manuel

    No apologies to liars no matter what the race is. Stop America’s guilt over slavery. Liars are still labeled liars no matter the language, race, or color. If you feel slavery guilt, then YOU apologize not us!!!

  • Art Lee

    Don’t speak on behalf of the country and me. Speak only on behalf of your delusional, racist, bigottic, lying self.

  • Stephen

    This apology is disgusting. Anyone who goes on the stand is cross examined and picked apart. I am only sorry that she has failed herself, the system, her parents, etc. If anything can be gained by this it’s if she has the ability to see the truth and acts in a way to improve her standing.