Rachel Bradshaw: Why Did Bironas Leave The House?

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Rachel Bradshaw had no idea what her husband was up to on the night of his death over the weekend.

The mysterious death of her husband, former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas, has left many questions on the minds of family and friends. However, Rachel Bradshaw is the one who will be left to put together the pieces of her husband's last moments.

That could be quite a momentous task.

Bradshaw reported her husband missing on Saturday at 11:40 p.m. She says there was no argument or anything to provoke him to leave.

According to her, they were watching a movie with one of her friends when Bironas wished her goodnight and then she assumed he went to bed. When she went to check on him later, he was gone.


She told dispatchers,

“He came home and we were watching a movie and then he just left and that was it,” she says. “He just left. He has a white Denali and he just drove away and we haven't seen him since.”

“No argument. No nothing. He just left. I have a girlfriend over and then I turned around and he was gone,” she said.

The corresponding report said nothing different.

“She searched throughout the residence and could not locate him," the report stated. "Rachael Bradshaw called [Rob] Bironas numerous times and did not receive an answer. She called relatives and no one had contact with him. She then called the police because she was concerned.”

The call was placed about 40 minutes after Bironas had already fatally crashed his SUV into some trees. Before the crash, there were reports of a vehicle fittting the description given by Rachel Bradshaw driving erratically.

One couple said that he tried to run them off the road. They told dispatch,

“He tried to run my husband and I off the road. We pulled over and he looked at us. We don't even know him. He sped off and my husband got out and said, ‘What is your problem?'”

She continued, “We let him go on past us because he was trying to run us off the road. We let him speed off past us."

A group of college students later came forward to report a strange incident with a vehicle fitting the description of Bironas' SUV.

Investigations continue and, for Rachel Bradshaw's sake, will hopefully provide details as to her husband's state of mind before the crash that took his life.

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