Qwitter Enables Harassment 2.0

Disables anonymous unfollowing

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I can see it now, an email in my inbox reading: “Hey, why did you unfollow me? I happen to think I’m very interesting, thank you very much. Consider yourself unfollowed by me, too.”

In the ever-evolving world of Twitter apps, we now have Qwitter, with the express purpose of “catching Twitter quitters.”

The concept is very simple. You give Qwitter your Twitter username and email address, and Qwitter notifies you when someone stops following you and suggests the tweet that may have caused it.

Qwitter Message

This will work out nicely for those who’ve tried to discreetly unfollow their boss or (soon to be ex) girlfriend. Try explaining how you found her tweets highly annoying, especially because she only tweeted about her stupid cat, which you hope dies soon so you can be free of creepy staring in the bedroom.

She’ll understand, I promise.

Or doubly annoying, try this scenario: If you’re like me you get half a dozen follow notices a day (So-and-So is following you on Twitter) but your Follower count increases by a much slower rate. Why does that happen? It happens because most of those follow notices are from Twitter spammers (I call them “spitters”) trying to get you to follow them back so they can spam you.

Unless you have an auto-follow script (which I don’t recommend just for this reason), which is what the spammers are hoping for, or unless you’re one of those Twitterers who blindly follows back those who follow you—can you imagine that in the analog world, everybody following each other nowhere?—the spammers unfollow you so they don’t set off the Twitter spam alarms.

Now imagine getting half a dozen follow notices in your inbox everyday followed by half a dozen unfollow notices. Hopefully this service stays in the application arena. It’s hard to imagine a spitter wasting time with unfollow notifications, unless it’s just to annoy you. But Twitter made something like this a standard feature, it could be a real nightmare.
Can’t you see it?

Cop: Why’d you shoot him?

Catlover85: The SOB unfollowed me. But I followed him, alright. And so did my bullets. 


Qwitter Enables Harassment 2.0
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  • http://www.bigsurrealestate.com/ Mike Gilson

    I think they are quitting, because they do not want to hear updates on every second of your day. People who take twitter seriously crack me up.

    • http://twitter.com/kwikly David Fitzgerald

      Haha, I know – I mean, who wants to hear what someone did every second of the day? I mean, when Twitter first started out, that might’ve been the purpose, but now *smart* Twitterers are using the service to share interesting links/promote their product and create their own little Digg.

      Of course, what with all the attention Twitter has been getting March 2009 many celebrities have been checking out Twitter – but many ordinary people too. Half of these people think that Twitter is *only* for telling people what you had for dinner and don’t even bother singing up.

      Others find the idea of tweeting about their dinner interesting and start “loyally” twittering every second of the day. Only a small portion actually use Twitter effectively and it’s that portion that becomes successful and gets a reasonable amount of followers.

  • http://www.the-franchise-shop.com Franchise Directory

    Of course the first thing every SANE humanoid does is turn them off. Way to many people autofollowing now so unless you want a dozen + per day and in my case MORE then ditch these nasty pointless notifications. A waste of storage space ;-)

    I recently set up a business partner of mine with an account as well as a few autofollow tools, my bad forgot to inform him that turning the notifications off might be a good idea. 12 hours and 600 notifications later he soon saw the light :-D

  • http://www.trackermo.com Marige OBrien

    For those that are truly neurotic about their followers, this is the ideal solution. And, I’m sure it will do much to add to their neurosis.

    For my part, I only just noticed that the amount of people that signed up doesn’t equal the amount that are still following me… oh, well. I know I probably should be more concerned. But I have yet to believe twitter is all its cracked up to be, anyway.

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