Quintura Kept Aloft By Fresh Funding

    June 18, 2007

The last time I wrote about Quintura, its “About Us” section made a fairly blatant plea for funding.  I noted this request, and called it desperate.  Now Quintura is millions of dollars richer, and I’m, well, not.

The company has yet to name an exact amount, but Mashable’s Pete Cashmore puts the figure at “several million.”  That money comes courtesy of Mangrove Capital Partners, which the Quintura blog has thanked for funding on one other occasion.

As for where Quintura will go from here, a member of the StartupSquad writes, “Quintura’s longer terms plans for the funds include building the Quintura affiliate model for site search and building a semantic web index using their neural networking techniques.  Quintura will shortly offer an affiliate model for web-sites and blogs to replace a site map with a Quintura interactive cloud for site search and navigation.”

That all sounds pretty impressive (indeed, the phrase “neural networking techniques” makes it seem like Quintura’s got a Vulcan in its ranks).  But one potential stumbling block could be the company’s plans to introduce “Quintura for Women.”  If that site shows up in shades of pink and purple, it could become more of an insult than a search aid.

Still, Quintura’s been getting generally positive reviews for some time now, so the company is probably on the right track.  Its “cloud” of search results is still too messy for my tastes, but it’s hard to argue with actions that earn millions of dollars.