Questions to Help You Design Your E-zine

    April 30, 2003

Are you looking to grow your business one member at a time? Then start your own e-zine.

Be careful to decide just what you want your e-zine to be and be consistent in sending it out. If you don’t enjoy writing, there are “article banks” and other options that provide you the opportunity to use other authors’ articles on the Web. For original content or expression of your ideas, consider hiring a ghostwriter to write it! Below are some questions to ask yourself before you start.

1. What is motivating you to write an e-zine?

2. What type of e-zine are you looking to produce? Tips, newsletter, ideas, URLs, etc.

3. What will you include in your e-zine? Such as: quotes, short or long articles (how many), someone else’s articles (guests or through, a contest (how often, what is the prize), questions for readers to respond to, a challenge for the week, summary and a link to a Web site for more information, links to other resources, book reviews, teleclasses, in person classes, etc. For an excellent checklist of what you can put into your e-zine, go to:

4. Will your e-zine be text only? Simple HTML (colors, bold, italics)? Or HTML (fancy with pictures)?

5. How often will your e-zine be published? (minimum once a month)

6. What day/time of the week/month will you send it out?

7. What company or service (listserv) will you use (see e-zine choices)?

8. Will you write all of it, part of it, etc.?

9. Will you be the primary administrator of your newsletter or will you hire someone else to “format and send” such as a virtual assistant, copywriter or ghostwriter?

10. Will you accept ads from others? Will they pay for the ads? Will it include ads be ad swaps? NOTE: it is easier to make money from ads after you reach 1000 subscribers.

11. How will you publicize your e-zine?

12. Is your ideal client on the Internet or would an in-print newsletter reach them better than an e-zine?

13. Will this be a discussion group or newsletter (sometimes called an announcement only list)?

14. Will the messages be approved (also called moderated) before its sent out?

15. Will the moderator approve all new members before they are allowed to join the list (also called moderated)?

16. Will the membership list be available to the public, list members only, or the moderator only? Will the messages be viewable to the public, list members, or only the moderator?

17. How do you want your readers to send your e-zine to others? In its entirety or can they send a link or an article to someone as long as copyright information is included? Decide this and let your readers know your rules, up front.

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