Queen Wears Hoodie, Perhaps In Scandal-Shame?

    August 29, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Queen Elizabeth II was spotted driving her Range Rover last weekend wearing some very unlikely clothing: a hoodie, to be exact.

While the 86-year old Queen is never seen in public looking anything less than the royalty she is, she apparently decided she needed some extra protection while grouse shooting. Although, since she was fresh from a meeting with her son and grandson, the scandalized Prince Harry, it could be that she just wanted to hide a little bit.

Harry, who is in some pretty hot water since photos and video were released of his wild, naked Vegas holiday, is keeping a low profile lately. His brother, the married and more mature Prince William, said he is “not impressed” with his brother’s hijinks.

  • Janis Hier

    You idiots, that is headscarf held to her head with bobby pins

    • pj243

      yep your right ! notice the border and you can see its not attached and who cares what harry did ! let him be young ! it should have stayed in vegas!

    • kim

      yes it is…

  • Deb Vance

    Her ears were cold? Ya think?

  • HasaClue44

    The Queen has it going on!!! The writer of this article is an idiot…….

  • http://Yahoo.com Jan

    Maybe she just wanted to get OUT without a crew of body guards and do a bit of shopping.How could one live under a microscope is beyond me,but if you snuck out Queen Mum,good for you!!

  • kim

    she need to watch out zimmerman he might shoot her oh she white so maybe not…

  • lizziebob

    Maybe Harry got someone pregnant in Vegas. Grandma has that look of just being told her grandson knocked someone up.