Quechup’s Spam Produces Disgust

    September 10, 2007

I’ve never tried it, but a combination of spam and ketchup is supposed to taste reasonably all right.  Spam having to do with Quechup, on the other hand, has left a metaphorical bad taste in the mouth of the social network’s users.

Quechup's Spam Produces Disgust
Quechup’s Spam Produces Disgust

Yes, Quechup is a social network, and someone probably thought they were being terribly clever with that name.  I prefer Ken Camp’s designation “Rat Bastard Disease of the Internet,” however.  Camp became upset after Quechup emailed everyone in his address book with an invitation to the site.

Similar tales of spam have been told by CNET, E-consultancy.com, and the Scobleizer blog; the “any publicity is good publicity” rule does not apply.

Quechup responded by updating its privacy policy, according to Robert X. Cringely.  Cringely wrote, “The ‘Who do you know on Quechup?’ page now warns you that ‘by inviting contacts you confirm you have consent from them to send an invitation,’ which isn’t exactly the same as saying ‘We’re about to ransack your email address book like frat boys after a kegger,’ but is better than nothing.”

Still, at this point, Quechup’s actions are probably a little late.  Is anyone else reminded of the tomato joke from “Pulp Fiction”?