Quantcast Broadens Media Measurement

    September 25, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Websites in Quantcast’s ‘Quantified Publisher’ program now have some new free media measurement tools to help determine the effectiveness of the videos and widgets they publish.

Knowledge is the lever that can move the world. In this century, there just isn’t much doubt about the importance of information.

There are places where who you know still surpasses what you know; Hollywood and politics come to mind. For everyone in e-business, knowing just a little bit more than the other webmaster could be the difference between going to Disney World on vacation, or just to the Disney Store for a couple of t-shirts.

Quantcast made another move to gain the custom of more websites for its Quantified Publisher program. The company rolled out more free media measurement services, announcing their debut today.

Quantcast CEO claimed over 15,000 site publishers have joined the program. These newest features, like video/widget impression and interaction tracking, give those sites a deeper look into how people use the content they distribute.

On the e-commerce side, Quantcast opened up secure measurement tags. These are suited for transactional pages on retailer sites. Quantcast claims these tags will not interfere with the checkout or overall shopping experience.

The company also broadened its Quantified Publisher Profiles, and now provides a Network View for measuring unduplicated reach along with aggregated traffic statistics for multiple sites and services.