Q&A With Google’s Matt Cutts

    November 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A lot of questions were tossed Googler Matt Cutts’ way at PubCon in Las Vegas. iEntry Inc.’s Mike McDonald and CEO Rich Ord were there pitching a few of their own. Here’s a transcript of that question and answer session.

What is it like working for google?

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s still a lot of fun. It was fun when it was 100 people and it’s still fun today”

How does Google feel about SEO and SEM?

“The best thing Google can do is cooperate with webmasters. SEO is not spam. As long as people are doing good SEO and doing things right we want to work with them.”

Does the sandbox exist?

“Here comes the audience participation part: Show of hands? Most say yes. The fact is that there are some things in our indexing infrastructure that could be perceived as a sandbox’ effect.'”

Is Google going to take over DMOZ or recreate a DMOZ type directory?

“I would say probably not.”

On original content and credit:

“We’ve got some projects underway to help determine who wrote this first.'”

Google has Autolink is more or less Microsoft Smart Tags. What’s up?

“Its not my perception that it is trying to be smart tags. I think you should be able to find where a given trigger goes to for example. I think there’s a difference in perception. For me as a user, I think it could be better moving forward about presenting it in such a way as the user feels like they are in control.”

Google’s in the process of building one of the largest data-stores ever. Where do you see this going?

“I think Google has done a lot insofar as industry standards to protect user privacy. Our mission statement is to organize the world’s information. It isn’t that we want to know about Bob or Fred or Alice, we just want to know what ‘users’ do. Everything we collect is geared towards the user experience not the mining of individual data.”

What is going on with Google Base?

“It’s basically a searchable datastore. Recipies for example, artwork, the idea is that you should be able to upload any kind of data.”

What’s Google launching today?

“In addition to google base were going to have some other stff for webbmasters to talk about.”

Can you confirm that data collected by Google Analytics will make it’s way into the search results?

“No, I can’t confirm it but I can deny it. In my mind that is not at all a concern, and if anything changes in that regard in the future, I will certainly post about it. I don’t think it needs to be a concern at all.”

On buying text links:

“If you’re going to buy text links from somebody honest, they should sell it to you on a trial basis to start because it quite simply may not work. I personally would not recommend it”