Q Interactive, Didit Stay Together On Search

    August 20, 2007

Q Interactive provides its marketing services to about 1,500 brands per year, and maintains a stable of more than 1,000 partner sites.  And in the midst of all the big names and big business, Q Interactive selected Didit to handle its search engine marketing campaigns.  Again.

Yes, this is more of a contract renewal than a brand new arrangement, but when Pepsi, Pfizer, and Walt Disney World are involved, it’s news (those three companies are among Q Interactive’s clients).  Didit even issued a press release in which Matt Wise, the CEO of Q Interactive, stated, “Didit continues to be that partner and does it with passion and dedication through their combined knowledge of our business and the overall online marketplace.”

Gerry Bavaro, Didit’s vice president of client services, also commented, “We value long-term partnerships with clients who recognize that paid search is a critical part of efficient business growth.  Our relationship with Q Interactive continues to support consistent sharing of ideas, business goals, and critical requirements which are ultimately the key elements of our success.”

Other than that, there’s not a lot to say.  Q Interactive added a few fresh executives over the weekend, and a couple of months ago, Didit was named a Certified Ambassador Agency by Yahoo Search Marketing.  This new development is just another positive step for both companies.

Hat tip to MediaPost.