Putting An RSS Strategy In Place

    July 10, 2006

Planning your use of RSS feeds for marketing and online PR gets better results

Many pundits have commented that RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is reaching the point the web was at ten years ago. And this is certainly true of RSS strategy.

Companies are moving from RSS – what is that? to How should we be implemeting RSS feeds for maximum benefit?

Lee Odden writes in Search Engine Smarts, “The trends pointing to the future of search marketing are in the creative, not the technical, side of SEO. Think viral marketing, offline/online integration, keyword messaging across corporate communications, social search, online pr, tagging and blog marketing.”

And RSS feeds – RSS is the underlying delivery mechanism that makes blog marketing and content syndication possible. Now’s the time to plan an RSS strategy.

Here’s what Matt Cutts of Google said in an interview with Mike Graham::

“It’s a top-down approach. There’s no point in doing textbook stuff unless you have enough great content and the reputation within your community to be a challenger.”

Mike’s article suggests that this creative approach can become expensive. I disagree – our content syndication services are not even in the range of some traditional SEO firms.

And owning the ‘above-the-fold’ search real-estate on your keywords and phrases can only happen with a content syndication and RSS strategy.

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