Putin’s Probable Successor Gets A Website

    January 31, 2008

He may claim to not have a car, but Dmitry Medvedev, Vladimir Putin’s would-be successor, now has a website.  And the website has lots of pictures.Putin's Probable Successor Gets A Website

Because the English version of the site is extremely limited, that’s about as far as our review can go.  Thanks to English URLs, it’s apparent that sections like "bio," "performance," "photo gallery," and "live press" are in place, however.

All in all, it definitely seems like your typical politician’s display of fluff.  A Reuters piece translated a few lines, which read, "I’m glad to welcome you to my site.  Here you will find materials I consider important.  I hope they help you get a sense of my views."

Also, although no baby-kissing was visible, there are pictures of Medvedev standing near a crib and a new mother. 

It’s interesting to see this major Russian politician get in on the Web trend.  With the presidential election scheduled to take place on March 2nd, it would seem that Medvedev isn’t trying to build too much momentum online, but at least he’s created a presence.

Now if we could only find an explanation for why a man with $111,000 in the bank doesn’t own a car.  (And no, the ability to get driven by limo isn’t reason enough.)