Put Bing Search on Your Own Site

    June 10, 2009
    Chris Crum

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft’s new search engine Bing for the last couple weeks. I haven’t seen much about Bing site search though.

Considering that Bing’s had a pretty optimistic start, and that a lot of people have even admitted that they can see themselves using Bing over Google, it stands to reason that people may also want to offer Bing search on their own sites (especially sites associated with Bing’s specialties like Travel, health, etc.).

Bing site search

Site owners can choose between the basic search box and the advanced search box. The former displays results on the Bing website, and can either search your site or the entire web. The latter displays results on your site, and searches multiple sites that you specify, the entire web, or applies a Bing Macro.

Macros act like mini search engines that cater to a specific topic. Bing lets you create a search Macro, and automatically generates a home page. Information about creating macros can be found here.

Before you go to include a Bing box on your site, it is probably a good idea to read through the terms of use. Instructions for adding the basic box and the advanced box are here and here respectively.