Puppy Doe: Boston Animal Rescue League Waits

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Puppy Doe's attacker is still on the loose, and now the Boston Animal Rescue League is offering a $5,000 reward for info. Puppy Doe was a young (1-2 year) female pitbull puppy that was found alive August 31, 2013, in the vicinity of Carrolls Lane in Quincy, near the Whitwell Street playground and the campus of Quincy Medical Center in Boston, according to Boston ARL. She weighed less than half what a normal, healthy dog of her size should. Due to her horrific injuries, she could not be saved by veterinarians.

“We need anyone who knows who owned and abused this dog to contact authorities,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “I spoke with Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan and we share a sense of urgency here, as does the Animal Rescue League,” adding that he has assigned a prosecutor with experience and training in animal cruelty cases to assist in the investigation.“It is prudent to proceed as if the perpetrator or perpetrators have moved on and are now aiming this cruelty and violence at another target and needs to be stopped.”

“We do not have reason to believe or disbelieve that the dog was originally from Quincy before being found near the park,” District Attorney Morrissey said. “We are asking anyone from eastern Massachusetts to contact us if they believe they recognize this dog. The injuries cataloged in the post-mortem examination are grotesque and indicate consistent starvation and abuse over an extended period of time,” Morrissey said. “It is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people. We need to find the person who did this and see what else they are doing.”

“Words cannot adequately describe the shocking suffering that Puppy Doe endured or capture the urgency in identifying who did this to her,” explains Mary Nee, president of the ARL.

According to Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, vice president of animal welfare at the ARL, who performed the necropsy, the helpless puppy was starved and beaten on many occasions, causing fractures to the head and body. She also appears to have undergone some kind of crude cutting torture to create a serpent-like split to her tongue. The dog had also been stabbed in the eye in the days prior to being found in Quincy.

You can bet the responsible parties could be in for some old-fashioned vigilante justice.

If you have any info on the sicko or sickos who did this heinous thing, contact:

The Animal Rescue League of Boston, Law Enforcement Services
(617) 226-5610

Quincy Police Department
Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich
(617) 745-5774

Image via Boston ARL

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