PubCon South: Universal And Personal Search

Strategies for success

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How can you make sure your site ranks well in SERPs when there are many more things to consider when doing SEO? The PubCon South session "Universal and Personal Search – This Changes Everything" offers the answers.

Coverage of PubCon South Austin continues at WebProNews Videos. Stay with WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week. In the following interview, Mike Grehan talks about Universal search:

Brian Combs, Senior VP, Apogee Search touched on the vertical search types including video, local, image and blog.

"It’s not all text anymore. We’re now looking at rich media experiences," said Combs. Vertical listings are often more prominent and accessible to all searchers. Many verticals are less competitive and help with reputation management.

Best practices:
SEO has become more complicated
Assess current inventory
Define the search landscape for your category (consider enhanced video)
Start with images
Then target local results
Start a blog
Keep message consistent
Don’t forget your keyword research

Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., Searching for Profit, said, "today we have to look beyond the site. SEO must be the visibility manager, not a soloist."

Overall, priorities have changed because there is a lack of focus on some SEO programs.

Steps to Success:
Inventory the available digital assets
Look for overlooked opportunities
Audit current optimization success
Find the gaps and close them
Plan an attack based on business needs, not on what you think engines want
Monitor the results
Get smart with the metrics

Jackie Bodine, Product Manager, Google
Jackie Bodine
Product Manager

Jackie Bodine, Product Manager, Google, said many times you don’t know ahead of time what the best result you want is.

Google Universal Search:
Comprehensiveness – images, maps, news, video, books, and more (not just Google content)
Relevance – run every query against every index. Decide what to show only after they collect all data and then blend results in single ranked list.
Presentation – summarize the content in the most efficient way possible and keeps results easily scan-able

Google wishes: 3 themes:
Improving relevance
Help users explore
Improved results summary

For webmasters this means that webmaster guidelines still apply.

Take advantage of prominent new verticals:
Publish high-quality images
Create Google Video Sitemap
Submit your feed to Google Product Search
Create high-quality company blog
Update business listings in Local Business Center

"The best way to get good ranking is to have good content," said Bodine.

WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Johnson contributed to this report.

PubCon South: Universal And Personal Search
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