PubCon: Real-World Winning Tactics For Content Creation

    November 12, 2008

Creating relevant content for a Web site is one of the most important things an individual or organization can do and at the PubCon session "Real-World Winning Tactics For Content" focused on ways to manage and achieve that goal.

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PubCon: Real-World Winning Tactics For Content Creation

Ted Ulle, Partner, The MEWS Group, said the focus should be on keeping every member of your organization informed and working towards a common goal.

Don’t build a "Franken site," a site pieced together with products from disconnected departments with your organization. From IT, to marketing to design to writing to management, every individual at every level of the organization must have a clear understanding of the goals of the site content.

This requires that everyone involved is aware of the goals of the content/site and has an understanding of SEO and analytics. Business process and workflow has to support your SEO, or you will have no SEO and end up with content without readers.

Ulle said to educate everyone in your workflow on SEO. "Not everyone has to be a SEO guru, but it is important that SEO is taken into consideration along every step of the process."

Develop dedicated analytics for each person in the workflow. Make sure every individual has some metrics for the success/failures of their efforts in the process.

Hold regular team meetings and keep everyone on the same page so they understand the overall goals.

Site/content development strategy outline:

Begin with a marketing strategy:
1. Content on a conceptual level

Back end decisions
– servers, CMS, Analytics

Keyword research

Information architecture and menus
2 Content – develop a full copy

Graphic Design – Templates
3. Content – web edit in a browser

Document any changes or alterations to the strategy at every level.