PubCon: PPC and Landing Page Optimization Notes

    November 21, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

First up is Christine Churchill (who’s a great speaker by the way).

Talks about how hard it is to create a good ad with such a limited amount of characters for Google ads.

Something that an advertiser can do to generate a higher CTR is create a unique ad. Think about your USP (unique selling proposition). Be creative!!!

Stressed on the headline of the PPC ad. Adding urgency has proved to work well.

If selling an expensive product and thus the cost per click is higher than usual, try to pre-qualify your traffic by stating the starting cost for the product.

Seasonal themed ads work very well. Example “Fall sale, Christmas sale, etc”

Overall Christine’s presentation was a bit “general form”, and yet it was informative. Kind of reminds you of things you need to be doing.

Next up is .

Brad Geddes (Has a great wealth of knowledge but talks a bit fast.) (I do the same sometimes)

Reminds us that AdWords quality score is effected by the ad copy, CTR and landing pages.

Content ranking position depends on overall account performance (CTR, budget, etc)

He suggests doing A/B split testing of the ads to not only monitor the CTR that each ad generates but also positioning.

Here is his blog he referred people to download his presentation.

Next up is

Tony Wright

Tony starts with questioning the audience if they are in-house SEMs or SEM/SEO companies. Answer about 5:1 (In-house wins)

Stresses on setting a goal for CPA (Cost per acquisition)

Always test. He recommends setting a “test budget”. Around 5% of a company’s total budget to devote completely to testing and not counting it with the rest of the campaign.

Don’t test too many things at once. Choose 1-2 metrics and go for it.

I’ve heard Tony speak at the SES show in NY and his presentation was much better than this one. He did mention that he was a bit sick though.

Next up is

Lily Chiu

Gives few examples of sites not connecting their ad message to the landing page. is one example.

Keep the scent going from your ad to your landing page. If you say something important in the ad that might get people to click on it make sure you have that important message visible on the landing page as well !!!

She suggests using the ability to identify the location of the visitor and thus creating a location targeted message.

Look at what people are searching for within your website and try to implement it into your navigation or content if it’s demanded a lot.

Overall Lily is a good speaker.


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