PubCon: Aaron Wall Talks Link Buying Without Getting in Trouble

    November 13, 2008
    Chris Crum

Aaron Wall knows a thing or two about SEO. He’s been in this game as long as I can remember. He’s the brains behind the hugely popular SEOBook. When he talks about ways of getting links, people looking to increase their search engine rankings should pay attention.

Our own Mike McDonald scored an interview with him out in Las Vegas while attending the PubCon conference. Video of that can be seen below.

As you probably know, Google isn’t very high on people buying links, but there are ways around this without directly "buying" a link. Wall elaborates on this. Three methods highlighted are through:

– Testimonials
– Conferences
– Charity Events

Testimonials will help build credibility (and links). Conferences are good places to network and hand out business cards, which can also lead to links, and charity events will not only reflect a positive image upon your brand, but also drive links (not to mention serve a good cause).

There are actually a number of other methods to "buy" links without being called a spammer. Wall goes into them in this article he wrote a while back.

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