5 Psychological Triggers For Hiring Employers.

    June 3, 2005

While job seekers focus on the factors that they are specifically seeking in their role, namely income, benefits, title, responsibilities and location among others, employers are looking at the recruitment role quite differently.

In today’s increasingly competitive job market and business environment, hiring Managers are seeking effective candidates that can make an immediate impact in their new position.

The factors that have most influence in their decision making process are referred to as the psychological triggers that help them to determine an applicant’s success.

Ability to perform within the role:

While this may appear to be a basic fact of any job search, you would be amazed at how many candidates apply for jobs for which they are simply not qualified. Establishing your ability and demonstrating experience and expertise is vital and this can be completed very effectively through distribution of a professionally written resume that details your accomplishments, results, success and your performance in previous employment.

Your resume must demonstrate an ability to meet challenges and develop opportunities successfully for employers. Your resume cannot simply be a shopping list of tasks performed throughout the course of your career. It must demonstrate quantifiable results and demonstrate a clear pattern of success. Employers want to hire candidates that go beyond their job descriptions, accepting additional responsibility and going further than anyone else to achieve success.


It is vital that you exude confidence as a candidate. Hiring managers want to put their trust in their new employee to perform within their new role immediately upon hire. This trust is developed when you as a candidate demonstrate confidence in your own abilities. Speaking with authority and demonstrating a commanding presence are two obvious ways to demonstrate confidence at your initial meeting. Appearance, posture, eye contact and body language enhance the information that you offer and add value to your record of proven success. Attitude is a vital part of this, demonstration of high energy levels and enthusiasm add to the overall picture of a successful candidate.


As a potential employee, a demonstration of integrity is a vital ingredient in securing your new position. In recent years, many organizations have fallen victim to the lack of integrity displayed by employees. Displaying uncompromising integrity, highly ethical and personally moral behavior will give a hiring manager/interviewer greater confidence as they make their overall decision.

Communication Skills:

Effective communication skills are a vital ingredient for a successful candidate. Poor communication is by the far the biggest contributor to unrest and discontentment within the workplace. A good communicator not only possesses outstanding written and oral skills but also an innate ability to use them effectively, providing clear and succinct direction to all members of the organization, uniting one and all with a common goal. Your resume, cover letter and performance at interview demonstrate your effectivity as a skilled communicator.


Candidates who demonstrate an open and willing attitude are important to a hiring manager. They wish to hire candidates who when faced with new responsibilities and duties adapt quickly and assume responsibility immediately. They want to hire candidates that display a good aptitude and the ability to learn and grow within their role. As most roles involve a large degree of continuous learning, Managers wish to hire candidates who demonstrate the ability to take on each new task and make it their own.

C2005 Ronan Kennedy, President of Professional-Resumes.com
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