PS4 Pool Game Teased by ‘Hustle Kings’ Creators

    December 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Sony has made it a point to embrace indie and other small developers to fill in the gaps between the PlayStation 4’s big AAA-budget games. As such, the PlayStation 4 is now getting weekly releases, such as today’s Doki-Doki Universe.

Today yet another upcoming PlayStation 4 title was announced. Voofoo Studios, the makers of PlayStation 3 (and PS Vita) games Hustle Kings and Pure Chess have announced that they are bringing a pool game to Sony’s next-generation console. Titled Pure Pool, the game promises to simulate a real pool hall, complete with extra-shiny next-gen billiard balls. Over on the PlayStation Blog Voofoo Studios Creative Producer Shaun Read stated that the developer will “blur your perception of what’s real and what’s a game” and “won’t be happy until Pure Pool is…an essential purchase for every proud PS4 owner.”

Along with the announcement, Voofoo has released a teaser trailer for what PS4 owners might expect from Pure Pool. Though the video is little more than a tech demo, the end of the trailer is interesting in that it announces Pure Pool will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014.

  • JT

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    By the way, I played pool my entire life. Real pool is better than video game pool. A lot more fun. I love video games though. But not for pool.

    • BentoBox

      Shaun, stop replying to your own press!

    • thomas

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