$1000 PRWeb Web 2.0 Hunt for Bloggers

    June 16, 2006

PRWeb has announced a viral, direct to consumer powered press release that offers $1000 to bloggers that find all 10 of the new features PRWeb has added recently.

Rather than offering a single or multiple press releases announcing all the features, PRWeb is experimenting with having bloggers blog about the features, then have them trackback the press release. It’s a clever way to get attention and links I think. Here are the details:

To participate, bloggers must:

1. Successfully identify all of the new enhancements made to the PRWeb platform since June 10, 2006.

2. Create a blog post that identifies these enhancements and discusses their impact.

3. Post a TrackBack/PingBack into this press release.

Unfortunatley, I cannot participate because David McInnis walked me through the new updates the other day. I have to say that of all the ways to describe PRWeb, one thing that really stands out is, “innovative” and certainly, “web 2.0″. As we went from feature to feature, some were not live yet, I found myself saying “cool”, “wow”, etc quite often. There are many implications for search engine optimization and blog marketing with the recent and future enhancements.

The funny thing is that many companies don’t use more than 50% of PRWeb’s current features, so the exercise of the new “feature hunt” should be eye opening. Once the winner has been announced, I may post a break down of the features that have the most impact on search marketing.

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