PRWeb Adds TrackBacks, Spam

    February 21, 2006

On the heels of Six Apart’s renewed commitment toward the TrackBack as a social protocol and a web standard, comes related news that PRWeb is adopting/enabling TrackBacks within its press releases.

“PRWeb’s decision to allow TrackBacks is a strategic move for its customers. ‘We could have chosen to allow users to comment on the press release page but felt that it is more valuable to both our users and the blogging community to encourage dialogue outside the press release in the dialogue-rich blogosphere,’ added PRWeb’s Executive Vice President Mick Jolly.”

No question, links, be they trackbacks or otherwise, remain a currency of the conversational web, also the bane of its existence, so it will be interesting to see how PRWeb and similar services balance the promise and value of links with the limitations of technology and the constitution of spammers.

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