3 Proven Online Ventures

    December 1, 2004

Today is your lucky day. Because I’m going to show you 3 proven money-makers online. Each of these 3 easy-to-start schemes are proven and backed up by tens of successful stories. What these strategies have in common is they will require zero or next to zero investment of your hard-earned money, except, of course, for Internet connection or electricity.

These strategies won’t even require you to have or support your own website, but that doesn’t mean that their potential is somehow limited.

Auction big-ticket items opportunity.

You have no need to be a guru to try selling big-ticket item that may be anything from ancient coin and cars – to diamonds and mansions. Of course, you don’t have to own them personally. You can just become a reseller and post your eBay lot on behalf of the actual owner.

What you will do need to spend your time on is research. You obviously don’t feel like loosing eBay listing fees, so good research on the subject matter is compulsory.

When conducting research on possible profitability of your eBay listing consider to:

1. Check how similar items are currently being sold.

2. Determine the demand among buyers and bidders of similar items or category by checking how many bids are placed in each category. Look at the visitor webpage counters that majority of listings have by the end of the page.

3. Browse the bidding history. If you spot bidding wars on many listings for similar items – it is a good sign of high demand.

4. How many lots have been successfully ended and what the winning bids were.

5. Estimate the supply. How many sellers are placing their lots, how saturated the category is in general.

You may also want to save the best listings and create a collection of the listings closed with high profit margins. Analyze their listings, offers, type of the auction, copywriting style, start price, bidding history and winning bid. You may even want to start from this 6th point in your research in order to determine which items were sold the best before discovering such a big-ticket item to sell for yourself.

If you personally don’t wish participating in listing your lots, supporting and dealing with bidders, there is good news for you. What you need is just to search for power-sellers specializing in items you plan to list and arrange a deal with them. You will act like an intermediary and collect a nice commission just by arranging a deal between the owner of the big-ticket item and an eBay power-seller. This scenario may be more beneficial for you, since your eBay lot will be sold by a professional seller, who knows all ins and outs of this business, who has already built credibility, most likely having an active eBay store and a list of subscribers and customers, so the sale of your item can be really quick and efficient.

When you decide to partner with other eBay seller or do the auctioning yourself, do not forget to take advantage of resources of other power sellers. I’m talking about using their lists of subscribers, customers or “About Me’ pages. You just need to locate sellers with proven track record in your field or category. Then you contact them and ask to mention or announce your complimentary items among their previous customers or at the “About Me” page for a commission. Just try to leverage the potential of eBay marketplace to the full extent.

If you want to know about a man, who pioneered high-priced eBay sales earning $30K in commissions from a single eBay sale, if you want him to show you exactly how he does it or even if you want him to sell your big-ticket item for you and share his massive profit with you, take a close look at these two websites: http://asbone.com/a/big-ticket-ace/ http://www.IWillSellYourStuff.com/

Multi-level JVs.

Next winning opportunity is a variation of partnership that, by the way, may also take place on eBay. The difference lies in the multi-tier scheme of partnership, where you play the role of a middleman between “provider” and “promoter”. You also need to have nothing, except for Internet access and em ail box.

Usually you play the role of either creator of the product/affiliate program owner or its promoter/seller, but the reality is you can wedge yourself between these two parties. This is possible with all multi-tier affiliate programs, where you are “occupying” a place yourself between the owner and the actual promoter. After signup, your task is to find entrepreneurs or businesses with powerful means of promoting such products and offer them more beneficial deal in order to solicit them to join affiliate program under you and automatically earn you a 2nd-tier affiliate commission.

If the owner of the product pays out, for instance, 40% on the first and 10% on the second affiliate level, you can try to attract promoters by sharing with them special commission rate, say, 45% at the expense of 5% of your commission. The remaining 5% is yours to keep. As a result, you can create more lucrative terms of partnership for affiliates to motivate then join under you.

Of course, you can always add special bonuses and services to make affiliates join as your referrals or negotiate special terms of cooperation with the product owner, so he can arrange special deals with you to promote his affiliate program. This is a great opportunity of recurring income for every entrepreneur.

Google AdWords Profit Machines.

This is a true money-machine and I’m going to reveal its principle of operation right now, so you can set it up, test and maintain its workability while it earns you hefty checks days and nights on an autopilot.

Google AdWords is a service of a Search Engine context advertising. You create an account by targeting specific or all languages & countries, creating an ad or ads, supplying a number of keywords that will trigger the appearance of those ads, choosing maximum cost-per-click and daily budget.

It may take about 15 minutes. As soon as your account is created and email is confirmed your ads will start rolling on the Google.com and throughout the Google AdSense network.

With the invention of Google AdWords the real-time tracking and aggregated summary of your campaigns you now can efficiently test any sales letter or marketing materials performance, sending quality traffic whenever you want and in volumes you want.

Google AdWords brought down the whole process of marketing and promoting to the matter of several browser windows and a table data, where you can adjust, add and delete almost any parameter of your marketing machine.

As you know the biggest challenge of affiliate promoters is how to attract quality traffic. Google AdWords solves this problem once and for good. You are in full control over what, where and how much visitors to send. What you need is to test keywords, keeping an eye on your advertising budget and your ROI. When your ROI is positive, consider you have a 24/7 money machine which convert traffic into sales without you lifting a finger. You don’t care about creating a product, customer service, maintaining your own affiliate program, newsletters, marketing your business the conventional way or doing affiliate marketing. Your sole responsibility is to maintain, test, probably develop your AdWords campaigns further and cashing them into incoming checks.

For you to have such a machine, your task comes down to locating a hot selling product. Creating a new Google Adwords campaign, choosing proper set of targeted keywords, adding enticing ads and start directing quality traffic anywhere you wish.

The rest depends on your advertising budget. If it is more than $1000, you can afford to setup several campaigns simultaneously and test general keywords starting from broad matching. If you are on a shoestring budget, try selecting untapped market niches and bidding for exact match of your keywords. This budget-saving strategy will show you the winning ad campaigns and reassure affiliate sales before the end of your advertising budget.

AdWords system will mark best-performing keywords for you by impressions and click-throughs as “Strong”. Keep them, the rest you can delete or replace. If you have weak keywords by click-through, AdWords system will block them and you will have to adjust your list of keywords selection and reactivate your advertising campaigns again.

The universal rule for raising response rates of prospect with any advertising, including AdWords, is targeting. Start from testing keywords by phrase match and mainly exact match. That tactics will guarantee less but quality traffic what is higher conversion and money savings for you. Leave broad keyword matching for general terms to corporate world that is able to spend $100.000 for “ground testing” purposes. We need to act much more astute.

Want to explore this proven automatic money-making strategy in more detail? Then check out “Google Cash”: http://asbone.com/a/google-cash/ It will make your journey from “nowhere” to “fat affiliate checks” quite exciting and easy.

Here are another several free services to make you locate better keywords:

http://inventory.overture.com/ – Overture keyword suggestion tool. http://www.kwmap.com – Keyword Map.

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