Propel Develops Fastest Internet Accelerator for Macintosh OS X

    November 3, 2004

Propel Software has developed the fastest Internet accelerator for the Macintosh OS X platform – Propel Accelerator for Macintosh.

Instead of simply converting its Windows application version to the Macintosh, Propel has designed its Macintosh accelerator as a system-level utility that is simple and intuitive to use. Propel Accelerator for Macintosh, designed to work with OS X 10.2 and higher, will be available for end users and ISPs in December 2004.

Propel’s core acceleration technology, initially used to develop the award-winning Windows version of Propel Accelerator and now deployed by ISPs with a customer base of more than 32 million subscribers in more than 30 countries worldwide, also forms the foundation for Propel Accelerator for Macintosh. Propel applies its complex image compression technology to preserve rich web page graphics and deliver higher quality web pages at the fastest acceleration settings.

“We have taken the time to build a fast and elegant Macintosh accelerator that works within OS X, instead of merely porting the Windows version of Propel. For millions of Macintosh users with dialup or low speed broadband connections, the wait is over,” said Dean Tucker, president and CEO of Propel. “ISPs can now give both Windows and Macintosh users the best Internet acceleration experience.”

Speed and High Quality Images

Propel Accelerator for Macintosh improves the Internet experience by dramatically accelerating the delivery of web pages to the user’s browser. Using proprietary, patent-pending technology, Propel Accelerator downloads the highest quality Internet content (both graphical and text-based) with minimum latency and maximum speeds over low-speed connections.

Among Propel’s more than 20 patents pending, the company has seven U.S. patents pending related to its innovative technology of intelligently optimizing the bi-directional flow of data across the Internet. Propel uses a unique combination of client-side and edge caching, compression technology and Internet technologies, including:

— Multiple patent-pending compression algorithms that reduce the number of bytes needed to deliver web pages and email. Propel uses content-specific compression by implementing different compression algorithms for different types of web content. This is more effective in reducing network travel time than generic compression technology.

— Intelligent caching of web pages and page elements at the client, eliminating unnecessary transfers. Client side caching eliminates redundant retrieval and compression of web content already on the Mac, reducing the download time for a web page. Propel’s high performance HTTP object cache augments the existing browser cache.

— Persistent connections between Propel client and Propel server using patent-pending techniques. This single connection replaces the hundreds of individual connections that would be set up to retrieve web objects during a normal web browsing session.

— In-Page Ad Blocking replaces advertisements in web pages with gray blocks of the same size and dimension. The removal of these ads reduces the time to download a web page.

Propel Accelerator for Macintosh will be distributed by ISPs and other service providers to their subscribers. Subscribers have the choice of Propel Accelerator for Windows, Macintosh, or both operating systems. Propel Accelerator for Macintosh also will be available for purchase by individuals as a subscription service purchased direct from the Propel web site.

Propel works with all Macintosh browsers. User controls to adjust speed and image quality are accessed through System Preferences. Propel Accelerator for Macintosh requires OS X 10.2 or higher.

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