Project Glass Gets Man Hit By Car (In This Parody Video)

    April 7, 2012
    Chris Crum
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More and more parodies of Google’s Project Glass promo video are surfacing. Many of them are pointing out the potential for bodily harm, though so far, from the ones I’ve seen, they’ve mostly done a good job at still being different enough from one another to be worth watching.

In this one, we see a guy burn himself with coffee, receive constant reminders of everything that sucks about his day, and ultimately get hit by a car.

All the while, the glasses alert him of the obvious: “it’s cloudy” when he looks at the cloudy sky, for example. When he looks at the clock, it shows him the time digitally.

This parody highlighted another potential reality (though greatly exaggerated, I hope) where ads appear throughout the Project Glass experience.

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