Proginet Announces Availability of SecurPass for Linux

    September 22, 2004

Proginet announced today the availability of SecurPass for Linux, to address the password management security needs of the millions of companies around the world who have or intend to deploy the rapidly growing Linux system.

The addition of SecurPass for Linux strengthens Proginet’s leadership role in the password management space.

“SecurPass for Linux will be a substantial help to achieve revenue growth projections,” said Jack Gazzola Vice President of Sales. “With modest success of only 1 percent market penetration SecurPass Linux could contribute several million dollars of revenue to Proginet’s growth over our planning horizon,” added Mr. Gazzola.

“Linux is the fastest growing server operating system over the past four years and is expected to continue that pace for the next four years,” said Kevin Bohan, Chief Information Officer. “Analysts expect Linux revenue to double over the next four years to nearly $8 billion and to also double its market share to nearly 20 percent in that same time. With SecurPass for Linux, Proginet is positioned to take advantage of this tremendous growth by offering robust password management,” said Mr. Bohan.

SecurPass for Linux is priced on a per user basis and starts at approximately $20 per user with a declining scaled pricing above this level.

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