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Most internet marketers are now familiar with Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights, but recently there has been a new trend for “Private Label Rights”.

Private Label Rights take the concept of profiting from other peoples work one step further. They give you the raw data, the meat of the product, and allow you to claim it as your own!

Private Label Rights are an incredible asset to the marketers arsenal. They give you all the benefits of having your own product without the time and effort of creating it yourself. And you don’t get the main problem of “vanilla” resell rights, that of everyone selling the same products.

With the rights to these products you are free to include all the modifications you wish. You can include all the links you want, any graphics you wish and any new content (or edit existing content). And after all this you can place a “(C) Your Name” message to really stamp home the message that this is YOUR work.

However a little more work is required to turn this data into a finished, saleable book or application. It’s not a matter of branding your name and uploading a website – but the small amount of extra effort is well worth it.

Private Label materials can include Source Code to software, text to information products, graphical files, and more. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Source Code will take some knowledge in order for you to `compile` the code into a finished software product, and for you to modify it to your specifications. For the average Marketer this would involve hiring a third party to do this for you, adding to the time and cost. However, software has a higher perceived value than an e-book or report.

Graphical files also take some ability to modify. Sometimes they are supplied as a raw image in JPG, BMP or GIF format. Any graphics program can load these and you can usually perform simple modifications.

A more powerful solution is to have the graphic supplied as a Photoshop file. This contains a greater amount of information, and you can edit the graphic to a greater extent. Unfortunately you need a copy of Photoshop to do this.

Text files for eBooks, Articles and Reports are much easier to work with. For example:

1. You can brand the book with as many links, affiliate programs, back-end sales, or content as you wish.

2. You can split the content and provide it as an e-course delivered by autoresponder. You can charge for this, or use it for list-building and further sales.

3. You can place the content online and build info-packed websites, perhaps profiting from the traffic via advertising, such as Google’s AdSense program.

4. You can mix-and-match these, building a site selling YOUR branded product, that also captures the visitors e-mail address and provides an e-course (which links back to the paid product). Articles on your site will help the search-engines find and rank you. All this can be accomplished with the Private Label Content!

As you can see, there are many possibilities.

It’s not even hard to create the actual product. The easiest method is to build a web page from the raw text, using a web-page editor. There are many free web building tools, and your system probably includes FrontPage or similar.

This web page can then either be used “as is” or turned into an executable file with a simple ebook creator program. There are many available, such as Easy Ebook Creator or Jimmy Browns Ebook Creator.

Another alternative is to use an Acrobat compatible tool to create a PDF file. You can either use Acrobat itself, or you can download a free utility. These can convert the webpage you created with ease. Some PDF tools will install a printer driver, so you just print the finished webpage through this `fake` printer, which in turn creates a complete PDF file.

( You can get Web Page Tools, PDF tools and Ebook tools free from http://www.memberssite.net )

PDF files have the advantage of being cross-platform compatible; meaning unlike an EXE file it can be viewed on a PC, or a MAC.

A number of new sites have appeared selling Private Label Rights. Usually they’re available as a one-off charge for a selection, or via a monthly membership program.

Two of the best are:

1. Info Go Round

This Private Label site specialises in providing articles on a number of subjects. These articles can be used in autoresponders, on webpages, or compiled into complete ebooks. You don’t have to include any copyright information as the content is yours to brand as your own. One feature that sets this site apart is its members requests and creates content. Each member is allowed to contribute one article per month and in exchange the membership for that month is free. This site doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

Try it at: http://www.netpreneurnow.com/infogoround.html

2. Push Button Health

This Private Label site is focused on the Health and Wellbeing niche. Each month you are supplied with two complete products on hot topics such as Hair Loss, Obesity, Arthritis, etc. These guides are in demand and even come with professional written sales copy so you can create the websites with ease! Health is a far bigger niche than Internet Marketing, and the possible profits are equally large.

View at: http://www.netpreneurnow.com/health.html

Private Label Rights are the most exciting development in Information Product publishing in recent times. With little work you can have complete products and sites in hot topics, saving hours of development time and thousands in costs. Everyone wins!

Stuart Reid is the creator of “The Instant Marketing Library” – your one-stop source for quality e-books, reports and guides… all free! To claim your copy of the latest edition please visit:


Profit From Private Label Rights
About Stuart Reid
Stuart Reid is the creator of "The Instant Marketing Library" - your one-stop source for quality e-books, reports and guides... all free! To claim your copy of the latest edition please visit:

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    I agree with everything mentioned about private label rights here but highest quality PLR’a should also have videos and graphics in many dimensions included.

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