Priscilla Presley To Fans: “Calm Down” Over Planes

    July 24, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Priscilla Presley is doing her best to keep Graceland running and to keep the memory and presence of Elvis Presley alive. Insane amounts of fans flock to Graceland in Memphis, TN every August for Elvis Week to remember The King and get an intimate look inside of his glamorous life.

However, some things may be changing for Graceland soon and Priscilla Presley has been taking some heat for those apparent possible changes.

These changes that Priscilla Presley is dealing with have to do with Elvis’ two airplanes that he used, The Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog II.

Elvis Presley Enterprises informed the owners of the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, OKC Partnership, to prepare to remove the planes when their agreement ends next April.

OKC Partnership bought the planes after Elvis died, and agreed later to keep them at Graceland. In return, they would get a share of ticket prices.

This announcement of the planes’ removal is what set off die hard Elvis fans, some of whom went on to attack Priscilla Presley on Facebook for the actions.

While “negotiations” weren’t really clear, Priscilla Presley does seem to be handling the running of Graceland like a good business woman and is doing a great job keeping his memory alive for fans, but some of those fans just don’t like change.

Priscilla Presley responded to very harsh criticism about the planes’ possible removal with class and even an announcement of some big things coming to Graceland. She insinuated that these big changes would be ready for Elvis Week, which isn’t very far away.

During this whole fiasco, Priscilla Presley is dealing with Elvis Presley Enterprises and OKC Partnership being tangled up in a lawsuit filed in Shelby County Chancery Court over how tickets to the airplane exhibit are sold.

Hopefully this thing will be cleared up soon so that Priscilla Presley and all of his fans can enjoy Elvis week together in peace.

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  • WeAreNotAmused

    No, Lacy, you are not a writer until you stop using the English language so clumsily. Had you been a student in one of my Expository Writing classes, I would have given you an F. Enroll in a good basic skills class and a writing class before publishing another “article.” This piece of tripe was unreadable. When discussing people, use number rather than amount, which is something that must be measured. Avoid clunky sentences, such as “These changes that Priscilla Presley is dealing with have to do with Elvis’ two airplanes that he used, The Lisa Marie and The Hound Dog II.” How about: The changes facing Presley concern Elvis’ two airplanes, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II? When referring to people, try using personal pronouns, such as who and whom. Also, make sure to proofread; then again, since your grammar is so dreadful, use someone who actually knows how to write to proofread for you. Above all, stop repeating the same thoughts.

    • Victor Grunden

      Elvis fans often didn’t use the best of English and sentence construction is probably the least of their concern. I know that’s a run-on sentence.

    • Walsh

      Grammar Nazi, do you feel all happy and superior now that you’ve tried to make her feel ignorant. Do you have friends? Perhaps no one wants to converse with you, for fear of a grammar bashing. Besides mastering grammar, it would appear that you’ve also mastered self importance. Get a life.

      • Rebel_Lady

        A professional writer should be expected to use proper grammar. There is nothing wrong with a reader pointing out those kinds of mistakes. If the writer cannot deal with the criticism, then she needs to find another line of work.

        • Walsh

          Rebel_Lady Let her bosses worry about her grammar. The one thing I can’t stand is a Grammar Nazi.

      • Walsh

        Let her bosses worry about her grammar. The one thing I can’t stand is a Grammar Nazi.

      • BerryBrite

        What I LOVE is the IRONY of the situation. Apparently the grammer Nazi has NO job. And the writer she accuses of being so lame is PUBLISHED.
        Whos the real winner huh?

    • BerryBrite

      No one is here for a lesson in english. And by the way I wouldnt exactly call being an armchair english professor on the internet, with ZERO credentials ,and apparently WAY too much time on your hands, in addition to your apparent desperate need to feel important at all anything to brag about. Cant read that without proper punctuation??? Awwwwww poor baby , thought I would give you something to do since you are such a loser in need of a job. I have no need to please some arrogant mental case who needs to correct grammer on the internet because shes got nothing important to say. Get a life hunny. Its people like you who have absolutely NOTHING to say and nothing to do who need to stop speaking.

    • Sanah

      This reminds me of a sign I saw and almost bought it for my daughter it read:
      “In my mind I am silently correcting your grammar” or something like that. Very irritating.
      You know what they say….”Those that can’t, teach”

  • Jean C

    When a person is dead, he is dead! What is this sick need to keep a person alive when he is dead and gone, and depending on what he is in Christ at the time of death which no one knows, gone forever. Elvis was just another flawed human being who did what he was supposed to do, die! People should let him! Stop celebrating birthdays which this man and no other man who has died will ever enjoy again! Are people just too stupid to understand this?

    • Krissy

      You have no idea how much crap your going to get for that looser statement…GOOD LUCK JEAN C

      • Victor Grunden

        Around Graceland there are signs such as, “It’s An Elvis Thing”, meaning if you are not a fan, you wouldn’t understand. It is as much about an era when many talented artists came from rags to riches by providing music sans electronic enhancement. Elvis signified the beginning and his death signified the ending. It was a great time to be young and alive. The Elvis impersonators will show up for the contests, royalties will still be paid and Memphis, Shelby County will gladly accept the tourist dollars. There are other aircraft museums and Tupelo, MS that would probably gladly accept the planes.

    • Donna

      Jean C, it appears that you are the stupid one if you can’t understand Elvis fans. I can’t understand why you even bothered to read this story. Elvis fans aren’t trying to keep Elvis alive in the way you seem to be describing. What they want to keep alive is his memory. There’s nothing wrong with that. Elvis has an adoring fan base. What do you care how they choose to show their love? Believe me, they know he’s dead. His music and Graceland keep his memory alive. What would have been my deceased husband’s 65th birthday passed just a couple of weeks ago. I bought a small flower arrangement and put it next to his picture for the benefit of our 12 year old son who was 5 when his father died. It made him very happy. The happiness that simple gesture brought my son is in no way stupid or sick. It was a way of acknowledging his love for his father and the fact that he still misses him. Every human being is flawed in one way or another. That doesn’t mean that the people who loved them can’t celebrate their lives. These celebrations are for the living, not the dead. If you are too cold hearted to understand this, then you are indeed the stupid one. I feel bad for you.

    • Rebel_Lady

      I grew up listening to his music and I can spend all day listening to it. I can tell you where I was when I heard that he died, but I have never understood the need for some people to put him or any other entertainer on such a high pedestal. They are people just like the rest of us. They just happen to get paid for a job that puts them in a spotlight and makes them well-known.

    • Ramira

      Why do you have to be so rude? It doesn’t take anything away from YOUR life so mind your own business and disregard it. You don’t need to vocalize your displeasure.

  • blueyedlorelie

    The fans keep his memory alive, but she’s a good caretaker.

  • Cymboli

    I’m surprised the Cult of Scientology isn’t demanding that she hand the planes over to the church as a “donation” to help them clear the planet. The smartest thing Elvis’ daughter ever did was to tell those blood sucking vampires to go f’ themselves. Of course she is allowed to have a relationship with her mother because they are famous. The non famous ex-scilons are not that lucky.

  • Tomadzo

    I’m sorry, but these people are just pathetic. I understand keeping his memory alive for his music, but his planes? Really? People with empty lives.

  • mjphoto45

    Priscilla is a beautiful woman but she shouldn’t have had any face surgery

  • uneed

    Anything related to Elvis Presley IMHO should NOT be removed from exhibition “IF” The intent is keeping Graceland Alive.
    Those planes were and are ‘a part’ of that exhibition that ‘personifies’ Elvis Presley.

  • Sanah

    Greed. I am sure the folks owning the planes want people to buy ‘hopper’ tickets to view them so they can get more of a slice of the pie. The writer was not very convincing that she was a fan of Elvis but good coverage.

  • Bocephus

    Begs the question, Priscilla has fans? Oh wait i get it now