Priscilla Presley Talks Elvis And New Exhibit


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The Elvis at The O2: The Exhibition of His Life display will open in London in December and Priscilla Presley is currently in the process of sending many of the King’s most treasured possessions over for display.

Priscilla has been the Chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises since 1979 and although she and Elvis divorced in 1973, she said that she is very excited about the new exhibit and hopes it will show the world how real of a person Elvis really was.

"I remember when I set eyes on him -- he was just so kind, so authentic," she told the Daily Mirror. "I just thought how he was the real deal. Elvis wasn't putting on any pretense, he never did. What you saw with him is what you got. Not everyone knows that."

"People know his music, but they don't necessarily know the real Elvis," she added. "I want the world to know he was a lovely, loyal man. You don't get that with so many musicians or celebrities these days. They don't value their fans, so I want to share with the world what he was really like."

She went on to say that she knows Elvis would want to share his life with his British fans and said that she has been working to make the exhibit possible for a long time.

"I'm very, very excited, as we have been wanting to do this for some time," she said of The O2 exhibit. "It is a peek behind the scenes of the real Elvis, Elvis the father, son, friend and dad. He was just so very loyal and that will come across. He was someone who could be trusted, someone who people could rely on."

"It's very emotional," she confessed. "I have so many wonderful memories of Elvis, and I'm surrounded by so many of them, too, and those things remind me of certain occasions ... Some of these exhibits haven't been seen before. Elvis will be so happy. He always thought his British fans were so supportive. He had a special love for them."

The new Elvis exhibit will open at The O2 arena in London on December 12.