Printed Yellow Pages Adopts Pay-Per-Call

    April 10, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Art imitating life, Web imitating print, and now it’s print imitating Web. Since December, says the Associated Press, Verizon has been testing an auction model in its printed Boston Yellow Pages.

Generic advertisements in the directory listing simply offer a service that could be for any of several companies — taxi company, a plumbing service, a landscaping outfit, or a real estate agent wait at the end of a generic phone number in the advertisement.

Who answers depends on who bid the highest that day to have that number redirected to theirs.

The auction system works on a pay-per-call method and the starting bid depends on the category of business that is advertising (i.e., a pub would pay less than a car dealership). The minimum, says the AP, is $2-$6 per call, with some going as high as $15.

Verizon has plans to include the ads in 500 directories this year beginning in Maryland, Pernnsylvania, California, and New Jersey.