Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Do Memphis

    May 4, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were in Memphis this weekend for Guy Pelly and Lizzy Wilson’s nuptials. Their first cousins Prince Harry and Prince William arrived a few days ahead of the ladies who arrived Thursday. The Princesses of York got down to business right away, hitting up Memphis’s famed Beale Street within hours of their arrival.

Beatrice and Eugenie talked and laughed as they strolled around town with Lizzy Wilson and Beatrice’s boyfriend Dave Clark, They took in the nightlife–including the pubs–and partied well into the evening.

Princes William and Harry served as ushers at the wedding on Saturday. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were among the couple’s distinguished guests.

The official wedding festivities kicked off on Friday night with the royals joining the family and the wedding party for drinks at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club.

The girls joined the guys for a tour of Elvis Presley’s home Graceland, and Princess Beatrice even sported Elvis-style sunglasses as they walked the grounds that the King of Rock and Roll once called home.

A lavish brunch back at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club on Sunday signified an official end to the celebratory weekend.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, along with Prince William and Prince Harry provided fans with many celebrity sightings at various spots all around Memphis during the past few days. They lined the streets outside of the barbecue restaurant Rendezvous in hopes of catching a glimpse–as well as a few photos–of a prince or a princess.

Even though fans have found it to be very exciting, some Memphis locals might actually welcome the peace and quiet once the royals leave town.

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  • Fredrick Eddy

    she has the biggest set of peepers!

    • Jonathan Bathwell

      wow..that is one ugly set of royals..i see they follow in the royal horse-face traditon :)

      • JoeMcNamara

        Is that really the best you have to offer? YOUR idea of beautry is Barbara Bush and Mitch McConnell and you wonder why you have no credibility.

  • Sally

    Who are Guy & Lizzie that they are so close to the Royals?

    • JoJo

      Guy Pelly is their very close friend they grew up, and went to school with. He is a jokester or a trouble maker of the group, a bad influence in the eyes of the Palace. He gets the blame when Harry does something stupid. Guy is part of the the Princes inner circle. He is Harry’s right hand man. Lizzie is a girl who Guy started dating/marry so through her relationship with Guy, she is now part of the inner circle.

      • Sally

        How do Guy & Pelly come by their wealth?

        • JoJo

          Guy Pelly is one person, his family has money because they are part of the aristocrat class. He descended from the Earl of Pembroke, a noble man. His mother has the courtesy title, ” Lady” being a daughter of an Earl. Guy owns a Night Club, and is an entrepreneur. He is part of the British upper-class due to his mother aristocratic/noble linkage.



    • Dee

      Sounds good. I’m not a royal but would love to experience some Southern hospitality!

  • brit

    what a waste of space these people are

    • JoeMcNamara

      YOU are a waste of time and space and thank G d you’ll never be an American. NOW, go back under your parents bed and don’t come out until you grow up.

  • nittfagm

    Hmmmmm … Beatrice, Eugenie, Lizzy, and Dave Clark. You know, one more person in the group and they could have started a singing group… “Baby I’m, Glad all over.”

  • tennessee poor :/

    please tell me she didnt wear that ugly hat in tennessee… please.. we get enough ugly hats with steeplechase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nolllegals

      She had that on at the Royal Wedding.

  • Ines De La Hoya

    Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie do Memphis, & Debbie does Dallas.

  • Gabriel Long

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    • JoeMcNamara

      Are you really that miserable? How pathetic can a grown man be?

      • Gabriel Long

        just trying to wake up the American people .

  • Will

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    • Elaine Glover


  • mary512

    What a Doll>>and she looks just like her Mom,a tall beautiful red head,and handsome father,she can’t go wrong..

    • Linda

      are we looking at the same person?? she needs to learn how to use makeup so she doesn’t look like a clown–enough with the smoky eye thing YUCK!!!

      • Thomas

        I think Princess Beatrice is beautiful.

      • mary512

        The Princess Beatrice,needs no make up,people who are not natural beauties, need make up,Irish Reds don’t…

  • Scamuel

    Ugggggllllllllyyyyyyyy! BOTH of them!

    • JoeMcNamara

      We have seen your pictures and YOU are no royal or beauty. So back to the hills!

  • michelle terrell

    lucky they are rich. they were hit by the ugly stick several times.

  • Gabriel Long

    Look up pelosi signs obama’s eligibility.

  • Thomas

    Princess Beatrice is a beautiful woman!