Prince Harry Assassination Suspect in Jail

    February 11, 2014
    Heather Vecchioni
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The man who threatened to kill Prince Harry was ordered to spend three years in jail by a judge on Monday. Ashraf Islam, a British Muslim convert, was found guilty of threatening to murder.

The 31-year-old walked into a police station in west London on May 23, 2013 and told police he intended to kill the prince. Police searched Islam’s hotel room, where he had flown into London from Thailand, and seized his laptop. They did not find a weapon.

Islam, originally born Mark David Townley and changed his name after converting to Islam, made the threat the day after soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight by two British Muslim converts in southeast London close to an army barracks.

Islam stated he had a “moral right” to judge Prince Harry, a captain in the British army, as he doesn’t agree with the actions of the military.

Prince Harry, who is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and is fourth in line to the throne, has carried out two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

This news comes days after Prince Harry is slammed for hunting and capturing a picture of him next to his prey.

See what Twitter had to say about the news, here:

Judge Richard McGregor-Johnson of Isleworth Crown Court in London told lslam that his plan was “vague and unlikely to succeed,” but was still a threat, nonetheless.

“This was not a threat made in isolation,” the judge told Islam. “The examination of your computer revealed you conducted research on his (Prince Harry’s) whereabouts and intentions.”

Islam is originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, but has no known fixed residence at this time.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • wendymaddy

    the two teardrops on his face cascading from his eye tattooed in mean that he has already killed two people. gang symbology from jailbirds. it also means that he has a criminal record and has spent time in a state prison. so it's a very good thing that he was immediately sentenced to prison time. however, since he came directly from thailand to london and immediately turned himself in, basically, just after the murder of the unfortunate lee rigby, may mean that he has ties to those murderers or else that he is homeless in london and wants a free billet and meals while he plans his next move. he'll have three years to do it in. not long enough! these are really, really dangerous people.