Prince Harry: Angry Birds Hat Hit Of Music Festival

    August 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Prince Harry has long been known as the joker of the royal family, the laid-back brother who doesn’t much care what people think of him. While William is more reserved and does his best to look the part of Prince, Harry seems to care less. If we needed any more evidence, all we’d have to do is look at this photo from the WOMAD music festival last weekend.


Yes, that’s an Angry Birds hat he’s rockin’, apparently while playing a quick game of ping pong. Harry attended the festival during a break from the Olympic games in London, where his brother and sister-in-law have been spotted several times cheering on their team.

  • Jennie K

    Harry is HOT!!! Ain’t now doubt about it!!

  • Tammy Pierce

    I think it is great he act HUMAN!!!! They do not act like they are above us!!

    • enga

      Of course they r above us! that is why they r called ROYALS!!

  • trent goodman

    god bless harry

  • Kirk D Crabe

    can’t the boy just relax and be normal? if anyone else did that, no-one would say a word about it

  • http://Yahoo Raleigh

    Prince Harry, the sparkle that was in Princess Diana’s eye.
    The best of the royals.

    • Sharron

      That is one awesome comment!!

      • JJ

        You win Sharon. I hope Harry reads it.

  • Ali

    So just because he wears a silly hat like that, he doesn’t play the part of prince? Just like newspeople to describe Harry like this to boost up William in the public eye when Harry’s much more of a worthy princ and heir to the throne than William will ever be. I’d prefer a king with a sense of humor and an easygoing spirit than one who barely does any work at all and pushes his entire family away so he can spoil his lazy wife.

  • Scam

    Give ‘Em Hell, Harry! Tell them to stick it up their arses if they don’t like it!

  • Jeanne

    awesome! charmingly funny too!

  • http://yahoo Gloria Cornelio

    I think Harry has taken his mother side, she was so beautiful inside and out, he is down to earth and doesn’t really matter to him beacuse he is a prince anyway you look at it, so, he knows how to enjoy private and public life, and have fun at the same time, he doesn’t want to be bored like the others royals who they only think about high priorities, and what the people say about them, so I like Harry that way, he wants to be normal human being, with all the good and bad, ups and down; wonderful, Hail to HARRY!!!!God bless him.

    • Kay

      Were you asleep under a rock that you didn’t notice that Diana had extra-marital flings with other men which does not make her beautiful inside and outside. One fling was with another woman’s husband. Harry appears to be the biological son of an Army officer not HRH Prince Charles. On the day that Diana died – she was in the company of a notorious Malibu, California cocaine addict named Dodi. HRH Prince Charles deserves sympathy for putting up with Diana’s indescretions. Prince Harry needs to begin growing up!

      • http://yahoo Sue Evans

        I think it has been proven that Diana had not even met this officer until after Harry was born. I am sure the Royals have had him tested to see if he is really one of them. Prince Charles, on the other hand, was carrying on an affair with married woman on the day he married Diana. The marriage did not have a chance. I do not think this would have happened if Charles did not think he had a right to have extra marital affairs because he was royal. (Actually, if you look into it, Diana really had more royal blood than he did).

      • http://yahoo.com DB

        I guess Prince Charles was the “most honest and trustworthy husband”… Have you forgot about frog faced Camilla????…..

      • ben russell

        Gee, a bit rabid, don’t you think?

  • Joan Perkins

    They need to leave Harry alone. He’s not doing anything but enjoying life, as he should. Being a Royal doesn’t mean that you have to give up living. Come out of the dark ages and live a little.

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    quaranta anni comincia la vita.viva la vita.

  • mark

    British tax dollars well spent by that economic drain, I mean pride of England the Royal pukes.

  • brian noon

    a prince of the people! now a prince with the people!

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