Primetime Goes Online Premiere-turely

    September 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

As the Net and TV converge, online and offline powerhouses are looking for ways to blend content offerings. To ease that transition, networks are giving viewers a glimpse of upcoming shows before they air on television.

AOL, Warner Bros. Television and NBC are debuting shows on the Fall lineup at – sans commercial. The two shows slated for the online premiere are “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and “Twenty Good Years.”

The shows will air at AOL a week early. “Studio 60” (which is what it will be called if it survives), scheduled for its network premiere September 18th, will debut online today. “Twenty Good Years,” slated for TV October 11th, will go online October 4th.

In what the company calls its “Fall Television package,” AOL is adding a myriad of primetime show information, video previews, spoilers, cast info, galleries, quizzes, and articles.

“The buzz has never been higher around an upcoming fall TV season, so we’re especially pleased to give fans early access to two of the year’s most anticipated new series,” said Erik Flannigan, VP of Programming, AOL Television.

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